What's up maniacs? Sorry it took so long to get this finished and posted but my night and morning were a little too hectic to get this all worked out right away. I know you'll forgive me for it. What you may not forgive me for is the rankings I shall be providing below. No it's not UFC rankings although I'm damn positive that 99% of mania could provide far superior rankings than the garbage that the UFC continually insults our intelligence with. It's just a friendly ranking of our top 10 posters here in cyberhell. This idea is a result of me and the old fart ULF going back and forth about one or more of our favorite posters a while back and since I told him I'd do a post about it and since I also told Kash that I'd re-insert myself into the FFT once more ( insert ;) ) , this works perfectly. Without further ado lemme throw out a quick top 10 of mine for ya and i expect the same back. if you'd really like to make things interesting you can explain some choices and you can also do your top 10 worst posters list as well. The posters can be currently banned , currently inactive or currently too active it doesn't matter. It will just work better if it's someone most people know and or can recall. Last but not least we all know who our collective number 1 is so let's remember him dearly in this post as well but putting him at 1 is a given so lets do our lists omitting our beloved scotti seeing as he's much higher than 'number 1' at this point. RIP brother.

1.) sir tickleberry

2.) oilcheck

3.) unambig

4.) freenow82

5.) ulf

6.) wisetoad

7.) ABB

8.) privatebox

9.) hemmi

10.) sarah

Rather than getting into all the reasons in the post I'll prolly drop some stuff in the comments section but there's 10 of my favorites - now for some of the explicit material








This one wouldn't load but please click

Same here :

the rare cage teep technique

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