MKL round 10 results!



to the results for round 10 & season 4 wrap up.

So yeah, here i am doing this shit again because reasons, also because i happen to be the proud 2nd place after kicking so much ass that all of you should hail me.

Bons sent me the official scores but i can't do microsoft publisher, so if someone wants to help out with converting the file, that'd be helpful.

Event Winner

MMABoss fucking everyone's night up via 89 points per pick, which isn't that bad but it certainly shows the quality of these cards. Gegard came through via stomping all over muñoz's ass, it was an incredible performance by a certified psycho, hopefully rory macdonald was watching and did learn something about being a stone faced killer.


Top 10 for round 10:

look at these motherfuckers not being able to step up and shit:


League standings:

Oc7hvss_medium* results not official other than trip winning this whole thing and i placing second since i couldn't open up the file bons sent me

Event winners

  • Round 1: Shivan
  • Round 2: Ninja
  • Round 3: Aussie
  • Round 4: Phase
  • Round 5: Aussie
  • Round 6: Trip
  • Round 7: Shivan
  • Round 8: Bons
  • Round 9: Pac
  • Round 10: MMABoss

Season Winner:


Fuck you, Trip! It was a tight race, for a minute there trip felt like he was this close to not winning anything at all but lucky for him, gegard beat muñoz as if he was a red headed step child. It was bad and net like 300 points for everyone who picked him, effectively placing above trip and I. If gegard had scored like 50 points or so, we'd be singing a very different story but alas, it is what it is.

Mad props to me for being twice as awesome and handsome as anyone else, look at it, runner up after having horrible seasons before. That was mostly due to forgetting to put my picks in but this season i said "fuck work!" and kept on putting in my picks, that got me 45 dollars or so, see you all again next season, i hope.

Thanks to everyone involved for making it a great season, specially bons for putting this shit together and remember to contact him regarding entry for next season which starts in 6 days.

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