Why Mania Trips Work : Bellator 116


Posters from this site have gotten together in person and enjoyed MMA events together since 2009.

After the latest Mania Trip in Vegas (2013), I decided to hang out with some of my West Coast Maniacs in CA.

We decided to catch a Bellator show in Temecula.

D'Locc picked me up at the airport and we headed over to Roy1's house to spend the weekend.

We also met up with JayWolf. He is a super cool guy, very knowledgable about MMA and extremely easy to get along with.

Morongo Valley, CA - Roy1's house

Highlights :

Roy1 cooked for us the entire time. Besides watching the Bellator event, we had a Pride marathon, saw the Glory : Istanbul kickboxing matches, shot some guns and played pool.

D'Locc ate once a day for 2 minutes. Smoking > eating.

I asked Roy1 for some shaving lotion (because feeding me is not enough, dammit). He stared me down, lit a match by striking it against his beard, puffed on his $200 Cuban cigar and said "real men dry shave."

He then gave me his back and walked away.

I handed my man card over to D'Locc and used my tears instead.

We drove by an area where meth addicts give $20 blow jobs. I only had $3 in my wallet. D'Locc and JayWolf refused to pitch in some more money so I could have a complete CA experience. Cheap bastards.

Bellator 116

Mighty Mo vs. Volkov

Beltran vs. Vlad

Ivanov vs. Johnson

Highlights :

2 Just Bleed fans stood up and yelled out instructions to Beltran during the entire match.

D'Locc got drunk and wandered off several times. He did not lose his cell phone!

A group of guys sitting behind us thought JayWolf was a drug dealer.

One of those guys thought I was going to hurt him after he accidentally bumped into me.

D'Locc offered them a smoke.

Roy1 ignored them because he does not have time for pussies who don't dry shave.

D'Locc = Pimp Pose


JayWolf, OJR, Roy1 and D'Locc

Highlights :

I make the color Blue look good.

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