Semifinals! TUF 19 results recap for 'Edgar vs. Penn' on FOX Sports 1 (Ep. 10)


Tonight, Eddie Gordon tries to upset Irish import Cathal Pendred.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) returns with episode 10 of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 19 and as expected, everyone is bagging on Matt Van Buren and Chris Fields for stinking up the place on episode nine (recap). Speaking of Fields, he hits the bottle pretty hard later in the evening.

So too, do Hector Urbina and Tim Williams, which ends with male spooning, naked man-ass and some pretend fighting that nearly turns into real fighting. So essentially, it was your typical night of drunken debauchery among boyz.

In a strange turn of events, Patrick Walsh and Cory Anderson are sparring to get ready for their next fight. It's strange because they are each other's next fight, but hey, whatever works. Elsewhere in the gym, Eddie Gordon is working his hands in preparation for his semifinal bout against Cathal Pendred.

Coach Mark Henry tells him "don't get greedy with the wrestling."

Coach BJ Penn wants to make it a grappling match so Pendred can avoid Gordon's striking. "We know that fight is gonna be tough," reveals "The Prodigy." The Irish middleweight promises "no feeling out process" and plans to get right into his opponent's face.

UFC President Dana White brings the fighters down to the MGM Grand Garden Arena right before UFC 167 to show the recruits what it's like to be standing inside the Octagon in a huge venue, and tells them mixed martial arts (MMA) superstardom is just one fight away.

Who wants it?

After the commercial break we get some background on both fighters. Gordon misses his kids and has promised to bring them to "Sin City" when he wins the TUF contract. Pendred, meanwhile, recounts his tough road to the top of the combat sports world.

Time to get it on.

Middleweight semifinal: Eddie Gordon (Team Edgar) vs. Cathal Pendred (Team Penn):

Round 1: No touch of gloves and Pendred rushes out for the takedown and fails miserably. He lands on his ass and Gordon swarms him. Pendred secures half guard and Gordon lets him up. Pendred again rushes in and pushes him into the fence. Pendred with a scoop slam into guard. Gordon gives up his back, gets to his feet, and gets dumped again. He also ignores all of his coach's advice. Gordon works his way back up and tries for a standing guillotine but doesn't have the leverage. 30 seconds left and Gordon gets taken down again. Intermittent punches from Pendred. Gordon gives up his back as time expires. 10-9 Pendred.

Round 2: Pendred comes out and pushes him to the cage and after a long struggle is forced to break free. Gordon has him where he wants him but is doing nothing. Edgar screaming at him to let the hands go. Can't win a fight if you don't throw punches. Pendred whiffs on a spinning back fist and Gordon takes him to the ground. Now it's Gordon's turn to work from guard and he just flat-out ignores every piece of advice from Frankie Edgar. It's amazing. Gordon elevating lay-and-pray into an art form. Pendred is able to get back to his feet and shoots for the takedown. Gordon uses the fence to stay upright. Ugly. 10-9 Gordon by a pubic hair.

Round 3: 30 seconds of sloppy boxing to get things going. Gordon shoots but gets rejected. Then it's Pendred's turn to shoot and he too gets stuffed. Undaunted, he tries again and gets denied. Gordon still not throwing punches and will have to ask himself some tough questions if he loses. Pendred drives him into the cage. Team Edgar screaming for Gordon to circle left and he ignores them. Pendred backs off and they go back to sloppy striking. BJ Penn tries to get an OLE chant and it's not really working. Everyone just screaming whatever they want. Coach Edgar SCREAMING at Gordon to do something. He throws like three punches and calls it a day. What a fucking joke this season was. 10-9 Pendred.

Final result: Eddie Gordon def. Cathal Pendred via split decision

Here's where we stand heading into episode 11.

185 lbs.: Eddie Gordon vs. Cathal Pendred
205 lbs.: Cory Anderson vs. Patrick Walsh
185 lbs.: Dhiego Lima vs. Roger Zapata
205 lbs.: Matt Van Buren vs. Daniel Spohn

TUF 19 Finale match ups:

185 lbs.: Eddie Gordon vs. TBA
205 lbs.: TBA vs. TBA

Stay tuned next week as Cory Anderson takes on fellow Team Edgar team mate Patrick Walsh. However, Walsh defects to Team Penn and tensions flare. Best fight of the season? That's the word! Though that's not saying much.

See you in seven!

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