MKL Season 5 Round 2.




to the results for season 5, round 2. Alright lads, first off, voting is over and comments and ideas have been takin into consideration. Poll result favoured a 3rd place pay out, but consensus was my payout idea of $25 was a bit too generous. So considering Shiv's idea of $10 for 3rd, thats now just gonna be basically free entry to next season for 3rd place.

Onto the results.

Event Winner

When it rains, it pours....Double delight then it is for the Moneypool winner, as Smerf takes the maximum 25 points available. With a rather paltry 66.3 points per fighter, it was still enough to give the newcomer a closely fought win.

Congrats Jon Smerf. Seems you do know something- about mma at least!

Here's how he got the 25:

Top 10 for round 2:

Well, one of the newbies just gone and got maximum points. 7/10 players who scored a dud last week helped themselves to some points, so well done to you guys.

Oh, and welcome once again to Biggant who was a late joiner, and proceeded to be the shitpicker!!


League standings:

Pablo on top yo. This bitch was crying in the main thread, 'oh, I'm doin so shit in the KML'. Damn near wins the event and is now our current leader. Things can change very quickly. But for now, XL is no.1

Aussie continuing some decent form for 2nd, while Phase scores a dud to tie for 3rd with Smerf.


Event winners

Dont worry, it's a 10 event season.

  • Round 1: Phasebook
  • Round 2: Smerf
  • Round 3:
  • Round 4:
  • Round 5:

Next Event;

Fight Night 43

Saturday, June 28th, 2014
FN 43 - Auckland, New Zealand

Right lads, just shy of a 2 week break now, but please note, this event is only for the New Zealand card. Have no idea's about time-zones, so be wary and don't get locked out.

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