Riddle Me This

It's closing in on 2am, i'm browsing Mania more than I have in about a year, and I stumble across the Chael news.

And I have a few questions. I've missed a lot, so hopefully some of you paying attention to the details can fill me in.

Preemptive clarification: Chael's word/story, to me, holds about as much validity as a two-toothed tweaker; he is a career-long steroid abuser and media heel; however...

Chael's results come back positive for:

1) Anastrozole

" The primary use of anastrozole for men is to suppress the production of estrogen Usage of anastrozole is also often observed in bodybuilders who want to maintain their masculine and muscular physique, especially for those who may be taking steroids. "

2) Clomiphene

"Clomiphene works by blocking estrogen at the pituitary. "

So, if i'm following along, he popped for (2) Post-Cycle Therapy (PCT) drugs. To prevent the rebound of estrogen post-cycle and the resulting influx of man boobs, gyno, and teste issues DUE to the use of steroids.

My questions are:

1) What is the NSAC's standard operating procedures for testing subjects who were previously granted TRT use exemption prior to the new, total TRT ban?

2) Given the fact that a previously granted TRT user must take post-cycle therapy (banned) drugs to offset the negative effects of their previously granted use of TRT; what is the timeframe for which a previously granted TRT user must have come down from/be clean from TRT and related TRT drugs?

Ex: On 06-01-2014, Joe, under current NSAC rules, is allowed to use TRT (and it would be reasonably assumed TRT related drugs; IE Post-Cycle Therapies). On 06-05-2014, Joe, under new NSAC rules, is no longer allowed to use TRT. How long does Joe have to safely come off TRT and related TRT drugs, without their test being deemed a failure? What's the timeframe? What's the procedure; is there one set forth?

I am in no way defending Chael; he is a juicing cheat, like many others. But, if the NSAC doesn't have clear, set forth guidelines for the testing procedures of previously/recently TRT-granted fighters, then there might be some validity to Chael's defense. If the NSAC doesn't have a SOP for this, then I'd say two things: 1)Why the hell don't they, they shoulder some of the blame due to lack of clarity 2)Chael's dumb as shit for not clearing this up prior to testing.

Oh, and...


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