UFC Welcomes ALL CHEATERS and LIARS. OJ SIMPSON to make his in-ring debut at UFC 174.

Mainiacs, it is I, the Swedish and Chefish one COMING at you HARD and FAST. I have a lot of things I want to discuss in this fanpost and the n00bs and dispshits on this site better listen well.

Oh You Didn't Know

Oh you didn't know about me? When I make fanposts, you listen. You fucking reads these words out loud angrily, just like I typed them, and listen to yourself. And get excited about it just like you were last night when you saw that new Affliction t-shirt online and fapped to it (I know you did it. I got your IP address and that stuff you've been buying doesn't make you (or your penis) bigger). --* Look at that. I just put parentheses inside parentheses. You never know what gonna happen in a Chef thread. ZE BALLS OF MINE YOU WILL SUCK.

Now Back At What I Was Saying. THE UFC IS FOR CHEATERS

LOL @ every UFC thread I read on here. Everyday some other can is failing a drug test. You got Nate HardSquart failing tests on main events and the big baldy fires him, yet Chael Sonnen JUST FLUNKED HIS DRUG TEST FOR A MAIN EVENT FOR THE SECOND FUCKING TIME and he does 2 jobs for the UFC! LOL! 3 UFC fighters all failed their tests for the same fight. ALL. FAILED. THEIR. TESTS. Meanwhile Gerald Harris gets fired for winning!


Here's a funny story. mathias thinks he's smart. Here's another funny story. The other day I thought I was watching UFC Ross vs Diego. TURNS OUT IT WAS WWE! THE FIX WAS IN! The Undertaker ran down to the ring and distracted all the judges so they would give the fight to Diego. LOL I mean I'm not even making this shit up. If only Lesnar were back we could have a triple threat rematch! Then McMahon could make some of his made up equity back.

Joke Time

Two Brazilians and an American walk into a bar. The bartender says "What'll it be?" They all 3 answer back in unison "STEROIDS!". And then they laugh so hard until they all die. And they died because Barrack Obama let those 5 terrorists go and they were in this bar with bombs.

Bellator: Toughest Tournament In Sports

Hell, this doesn't even require explanation. DW says "UFC has gotten rid of PEDs"! LOL! Nice Job Shithead!

These guys are such clowns compared to Bellator. Bellator has better gloves, better fighters, better ring girls, a better tv channel (hello UFC Fox Sports Sub-Level 3 Channel 7300021). And most of all a better president. On that topic let's examine some facts. How many rape videos and fetus-killing sprees did Rampage commit while employed by DW? Now how many while employed by Bjorn? UN-FUCKING-DENIABLE proof that those activities were the direct fault of Dana White!

Later Tater Hater

One last thing, you little maggots. Do not post a bunch of lying bullshit in the comments or I will ban you. I will not tolerate fighter or user basihng. I am a mod now. Suck my mod rod!

And here's some suggested reading material for all you little boys who don't agree with me:

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