MKL Season 5 Round 1.


*****Prizefund has yet to be established******


to the results for season 5, round 1.

Sorry for the delay. Sometimes I just cant be arsed doin these, especially when sufferin from a particularly shity hangover. You know, the ones that just make ya lazy for 2 days. Anyway...

New Players:

A warm welcome to our new players for the new season, none of which scored any points:

  • DonkeyPunch
  • Smerf
  • JonnyBoy
  • Biggant (Joined after 1st event)

Sklart hauled his ass back to BloodyVag. That means we have a full roster of 20 players so will have a $200 prize-fund.

Event Winner

Scoring just under an average of 86.5 points per fighter, former Champ Phase take the maximum points available in the season opener. Not the first time he started as winner, and that's the season he won the league. Will lighting strike twice? Long way to go yet, but Phase is already up and running and is a consistent player, so it's possible.

Here's how he got the 25:


Top 10 for round 1:

Our regular players have shown the newbies what's up. Pablo and Letstalk already havin a better season so far.


League standings:

Self explanatory...


Event winners

  • Round 1: Phasebook
  • Round 2:
  • Round 3:
  • Round 4:
  • Round 5:

Next Event;

UFC 174: Johnson vs. Bagautinov

Saturday, June 14th, 2014

I will email the link Later on tonight (weds 11th)

Your thoughts?

Normally I have a prize fund split between the top 2. Should I keep it this way or have a top 3?

As of now, top 2 will get $140 and 2nd get $60

or, should I make a top 3 fund of $130-$45-$25 (debatable)

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