UFC 180: Fabricio Werdum will 'break' Cain Velasquez's game in order to secure knockout or submission victory

Esther Lin for MMA Fighting

"Vai Cavalo" already has his game plan set for his title fight against Cain Velasquez at UFC 180 on Nov. 15, 2014 in Mexico City. All that's left to do is execute it.

In his dominant victory over Travis Browne at UFC on FOX 11 a few weeks ago (video highlights here), Fabricio Werdum proved he is far from a one-trick pony.

For five rounds, the jiu-jitsu specialist outclassed "Hapa" on the feet and even managed to take the towering heavyweight down to the mat a few times with his improved wrestling.

As "Vai Cavalo" heads into his first-ever Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) title fight against heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez -- which goes down at UFC 180 on Nov. 15, 2014 in Mexico City -- he's prepared to engage in all facets of the fight game.

But when it comes down to it, Werdum will look to get Cain on his back in an attempt to lock the champion in one of his many dangerous submission moves.

He said as much during a recent interview on MMA Fighting:

"I will move a lot and avoid the clinch close to the fence. If he takes me down, I have to go for submissions with armbars, triangles and omoplatas or sweep him. A sweep would be important because we never saw how Velasquez fights with his back on the ground. He would have two options, give his back while trying to get back up or work his guard. Anything can happen, but we are still thinking about the strategy. I believe he will try to do what he usually does. He will move forward and put me close to the fence and take me down to get on top. I don't know if he will try to do some ground and pound or just score points and get back up. He's really good, but I will do my best to break his game. I will get there with the right strategy to win, but I would love to get the knockout or a submission."

Since defeating Junior dos Santos last October at UFC 166, Velazquez has been sitting on the bench with a shoulder injury, which he had surgically repaired in December.

The champ is confident he'll be ready to compete seven month from now, but if Cain somehow can't make the scheduled date due to his injury, Werdum says the next logical thing would be to create an interim strap. But according to "Vai Cavalo," he'd rather compete for it against Velasquez.

His words:

"It has to happen, right? If he can't fight, they should do an interim title. It would be cool, but I don't want an interim title, I want to fight Velasquez. It's a dream of mine to fight for the title especially against a guy like Cain Velasquez because I know it's going to be a big challenge."

Before they battle it out for the strap inside the Octagon, Velasquez and Werdum will go toe-to-toe as opposing coaches on the set of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF): "Latin America." Something that will be beneficial for Cain, as it will allow him that much more time to heal before starting training camp for his much-anticipated title defense.

Barring any hiccups, of course.

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