Game of Thrones Season 4, Episode 5-"First of His Name"



This week opens with Tommen's coronation ceremony. It is a wholly uneventful affair, with the High Septon getting down to business quickly and crowning the young king. After the ceremony, Cersei and Margaery meet off to the side. Cersei, surprisingly, reveals that even she knew that Joffrey was a monster and would have tormented Margaery. She wants to know if Margaery still has ambitions to be queen, but Margaery plays it off as if she hasn't though about it all that much. Cersei buys it, and the two women appear to connect a little.

Cersei speaks with Tywin and sets up the new wedding. It will be followed a fortnight later by her own wedding to Loras Tyrell. Tywin reveals that the Lannisters are essentially broke, with their last gold mine running out three years ago. They owe the Iron Bank of Braavos a huge amount of money, and they have nowhere to run from them. Marrying into the Tyrells will do a great deal to help pay back the Iron Bank.

Later, Cersei goes to Oberyn and they take a walk through the gardens. They speak about their children, with Cersei telling him she hasn't seen Myrcella since she left for Dorne. He assures her that Myrcella is happy and safe, and agrees to take a ship that Cersei had built for her as a gift. Is there some sympathy towards a Lannister from the Dornish noble?

In Meereen, Jorah gives the morning report to Daenerys. He reveals that Joffrey is dead and the Meereenese navy is theirs with enough ships to transport 9,300 troops across the Narrow Sea. While that may be enough to take King's Landing, it is not enough to conquer all of Westeros and they are unsure of the support they will receive from other houses. Jorah also reveals that, without the Unsullied to keep them in line, the slave masters of Yunkai have retaken the city and enslaved the people again. Astapor has also seen someone take control and name himself emperor. Jorah urges Dany to forget those cities and sail for Westeros now, but she refuses. If she can't control Essos, how can she hope to be taken seriously in Westeros. For now, she will sit tight and rule Meereen.

Sansa and Littlefinger have arrived at the impregnable Eyrie. Littlefinger introduces himself and his "niece" Alayne. They meet Lady Arryn and the little Lord Robin, and it's revealed that Lysa knows who Sansa truly is. She stresses to Sansa to never call her "aunt" unless they are alone. Robin and Sansa get off to a rocky start with Robin's blunt questions about Sansa's dead family members. As Robin takes her to his chambers, Lysa and Littlefinger share a moment together and decide to marry that night. I's also revealed that Lysa was the one that poisoned Jon Arryn, and is in a way responsible for all the shitty things that have happened since.

Later, Lysa and Sansa dine together. The conversation quickly turns from lemon cakes to why Littlefinger has so much interest in Sansa. Considering how Littlefinger loved Catelyn so much, even though she spurned him, Lysa can't believe he cares for Sansa. She asks if Littlefinger ever touched her and demands to know if she's pregnant. Sansa does her best to convince Lysa that Littlefinger loves her and has done nothing, and Lysa finally relents.

In the Riverlands, the Hound and Arya discuss her naming ritual. The Hound says that maybe they'll both be able to cross a name off their lists if they meet the Mountain. In the morning, the Hound awakes to find Arya gone. He finds her practicing her water dancing. He is unimpressed, saying that's no way to fight. He points to the fact that Syrio was killed by Meryn Trant as proof the style is useless. As icing on the cake, he allows Arya to attempt to stab him. Needle is stopped dead against the Hound's armor, further proving his point.

On the road, Brienne and Podrick are making their way to the Wall. Brienne figures that's a good place to start since Jon is there. She tries everything to get Podrick to stay behind, thinking she doesn't need him. She even releases him from his oath, but he stays. Later, Pod tries to cook a rabbit without skinning it, much to Brienne's disapproval. He then goes to remove her armor for her, but she makes him stop. Pod tells her everything he did for Tyrion from pouring wine to getting his clothes. His only fighting experience was on the Blackwater when he killed Mandon Moore. Impressed, Brienne accepts his offer to help remove her armor.

Beyond the Wall, Locke sneaks up on Craster's Keep. He spots Bran and the others inside a hut before reporting back to Jon. Bran just misses seeing him, finding only footprints in the snow. Jojen, meanwhile, has a vision of the same weirwood tree that Bran saw in his vision. He says that Bran is the most important, and the others are only his guides. He then envisions fire engulfing his hand. Karl enters the hut and strings Meera up, making it clear that he and the other former black brothers intend to rape her.

Back at Jon's group, Locke reports that there are 11 men at Craster's, and advises them to steer clear of Bran's hut because of some non-existent hounds that could smell them. They attack, interrupting Karl from his rape attempt. As Jon and the others fight and kill the mutineers, Locke makes his way back into Bran's hut. He cuts Bran's leg to verify his identity before untying him and taking him outside. Bran, helpless and unable to get the attention of any of the Night's Watch, wargs into Hodor. He uses Hodor to pick up Locke by his throat and snap his neck with one hand. He tells Hodor to go and free Meera and Jojen, then attempts to crawl towards Jon. The brother and sister quickly catch up to him, though, and convince him it's best to leave as Jon won't allow them to find the three-eyed raven.

Meanwhile, Jon corners Karl inside the Keep. Armed with two daggers, Karl goes after Jon. The two go back and forth, but Karl is able to get the upper hand by spitting in Jon's face. As Karl is about to strike the killing blow, one of Craster's daughter-wives stabs him in the back. Karl round on her, but Jon finishes him off with a Longclaw through the back of the head. Outside, the brothers count their dead: five, including Locke and his unusual cause of death. One mutineer is missing, however. Rast stumbles away from the aftermath and finds himself by Ghost's now-empty cage. The white direwolf stalks and kills him before reuniting with Jon, who offers to take the rest of the women back to the Wall, but they refuse and Craster's Keep is burned to the ground.

This was a slower episode that quickly picked up by the end. I liked where they went with the Craster's Keep situation. It was ultimately filler, as they came to the same conclusion as the book, but it was good filler.

Next week: Yara makes her season debut as she goes after Theon, Stannis and Davos go to Braavos, Daenerys attracts attention and Tyrion's trial begins.

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