Donaire vs Vetyeka results, LIVE fight coverage stream

Scott Halleran

The other Filipino boxing superstar, Nonito Donaire, returns to boxing TODAY (Sat., May 31, 2014) against WBA Super Featherweight champion, Simpiwe Vetyeka, LIVE from "The Venetian" in Macau, China. Get full "Donaire vs. Vetyeka" results and live fight coverage below!

Watch full Nonito Donaire vs Simpiwe Vetyeka fight video highlights RIGHT HERE!

Rise and shine!

Two of boxing's top featherweight talents will duke it out in Macau, China, this morning (Sat., May 31, 2014) as "The FIlipino Flash," Nonito Donaire, attempts to secure a title in his fourth weight class at the expense of surging South African Simpiwe Vetyeka.

MMAmania will deliver LIVE coverage of the main event, starting with the BoxNation broadcast at 10 a.m. ET.

Donaire (31-2, 21 KO) earned "Fighter of the Year" accolades during his four-fight 2012 campaign, but had perhaps the roughest year of his career in 2013. In April, he was thoroughly dominated by amateur legend Guillermo Rigondeaux -- his first loss in more than 12 years. Last November, he was on his way to losing a decision to shopworn rival Vic Darchinyan before pulling out a technical knockout in the ninth round of 10.

Vetyeka (26-2, 16 KO), by contrast, had a breakout year, knocking out Daud Yordan a day after Donaire's loss to Rigondeaux. He scored the best win of his career in December, stopping 48-0-3 Chris John in six rounds.


Featherweight: Nonito Donaire def. Simpiwe Vetyeka by technical decision (39-36 x3)


Nonito Donaire vs. Simpiwe Vetyeka

Round one: Vetyeka doing well early with his jab. Donaire misses with a counter cross. I like to have timestamps here, but they're not showing the time. Donaire lands a left to the body. Now they show the time; 1:50 to go. Good three-piece combo from Donaire, ending with the left downstairs. Technical difficulties means I miss the next minute. Vetyeka actively jabbing the body and head. Body shot by Nonito. They exchange to end the round; Nonito cracks him with a liver shot before falling to his knees after the bell. Replay shows that Vetyeka landed a rabbit punch after the bell. 10-9 Donaire.

Round two: Donaire's cut, though it's not clear what caused it. Vetyeka jabbing, takes a body shot in close. Cross counter by Nonito lands. One minute in. Ref pauses to check the cut, which they are saying was caused by an accidental headbutt. 1-1-2 by Nonito soon after. Jabbing in center ring. They exchange at close range, Vetyeka lands a right hand on the exit. Nonito lead right. One minute to go. 1-2 from the FIlipino. Vetyeka body shot. Yet another headbutt happens and they go to the corner to check the cut again. It's ugly, but they're continuing. Bell, 20-18 Donaire.

Round three: Nonito with a left hook and shovel hook soon after. Donaire briefly presses the attack. Nice right hand by Vetyeka in close, then one to the body. Donaire body shot and lead right. One minute in. Vetyeka jabbing, pops Donaire with a straight. Donaire cracks him with a powerful right near the ropes and another one forces Vetyeka to use the ropes to keep himself up. Vetyeka comes back aggressively. Halfway through the round. Right uppercut and body shot land for Vetyeka at the one minute mark. Lead right from Nonito, Vetyeka to the body. Clinch. Both land 1-2s, Vetyeka forces him to the corner and lands a handful. Both connect with short-range right hands before the bell. 30-27 Donaire.

Round four: Vetyeka gets Donaire to the ropes and lands a handful of potshots. Nice uppercut from Vetyeka snaps his head back. One minute in. Donaire body shot, Veteka cracks him with a series of nice shots on the ropes. Suddenly, Nonito blasts Vetyeka to the floor with a left hook. Vetyeka back up but Donaire is all over him. Nonito firing artillery but Vetyeka guarding well. Minute to go. Vetyeka just avoids a left hook that sounded like it would have decapitated him. Donaire hurts him with another left hook, Vetyeka avoids further trouble. Another pause to check the cut. Donaire lands a hard straight right before the bell. 40-35 Donaire.

Ref stops the fight in the corner based on the cut (I think). Just when it was getting fun.

The doctor wasn't examining Nonito when it happened. Nobody knows what's going on.

Going to a technical decision.

Final result: Donaire def. Vetyeka by technical decision


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