Mayweather vs Maidana results: Full fight coverage stream LIVE online for Showtime PPV under card

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Before Floyd Mayweather Jr. returns to boxing TONIGHT (Sat., May 3, 2014) against against Marcos Maidana, a star-studded under card line up, including Amir Khan and Adrien Broner, among others, will battle LIVE on Showtime from MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Get full "Mayweather vs. Canelo" under card pay-per-view (PPV) results and live fight coverage right here, RIGHT NOW!


It's almost "Money" time!

Top pound-for-pound fighter in the world, Floyd Mayweather Jr., will soon take on the dangerous and durable Marcos Maidana in a WBC and The RING Welterweight championship clash at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

MMAmania will deliver LIVE coverage of "Mayweather vs. Maidana" main event, which will air on Showtime pay-per-view (PPV) later this evening (Sat., May 3, 2014), RIGHT HERE. This thread, however, is for the "Mayweather vs. Maidana" under card results.

That's right, prior to the main event, Showtime will deliver a loaded under card that will showcase several of the sport's top stars.

In the co-main event, Amir Khan (28-3, 19 KO) will aim to vent his frustration at missing out on the Mayweather sweepstakes on veteran Luis Collazo, (35-5, 18 KO), who stopped Victor Ortiz in two rounds his last time out. In addition, Adrien Broner (27-1, 22 KO) will attempt to rebound from the Maidana loss against John Molina (17-1, 7 KO), who was last seen losing to Khan in 2012.

The PPV broadcast will begi with a bout between Team Mayweather's J'Leon Love (17-0, 1 NC, 10 KO) and Mexico's Marco Antonio Periban (20-1-1, 13 KO).


Floyd Mayweather vs. Marcos Maidana -- CLICK HERE FOR LIVE RESULTS
Amir Khan vs. Luis Collazo -- Khan by unanimous decision (117-106, 119-104 x2)
Adrien Broner vs. John Molina -- Broner by unanimous decision (99-91, 98-92, 100-90)
J'Leon Love vs. Marco Antonio Periban -- Love by unanimous decision (95-93, 97-92, 96-93)


Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action.

Amir Khan vs. Luis Collazo

Round one: Amir orthodox, Collazo southpaw. Amir pops him with an overhand right after thirty seconds of inactivity. Amir pumping the jab, Collazo staying out of trouble. Amir lands another right after Collazo avoids the first two parts of the combo. Another; Amir is doubling up his right hand very well. Collazo answers with a right hook. One minute left in the round. Lead right from Khan. Counter cross after Collazo overextends. Clinch. Short left hook by Amir. Khan to the body, lead right lands soon thereafter. Good start for Amir, 10-9 Khan.

Round two: Khan lands to the body. Both miss with their power hands before tying up. Clinch. Lead right form Amir. Avoids a 1-2 by Collazo, then pops him with a right hand in a flurry. One minute in. Khan ties up. Lead right connects, followed by some blows in the clinch as they reach the halfway point of the round. Another clinch. Both land hard left hands. Khan keeping his hands active. Thirty seconds left. Good left hand. Collazo to the body with a right hook. Collazo looking to walk him down at the bell. 20-18 Khan.

Round three: Broner digs a left hook to the body. Khan ducks a left hand and they clinch. Another clinch. One minute in. Good short flurry by Khan. 1-2 lands into the clinch. Halfway through the round. Khan active, though not making many huge connections. Good lead right before the 1:00 mark. 1-1-2 lands. Another good cross into the clinch. Collazo with a left straight to the body. Clinch. Khan puts a right hook in Collazo's midsection. Round ends with Khan landing another straight. 30-27 Khan.

Round four: Collazo still trudging forward, but eats a powerful combination when he gets Khan to the ropes and falls to his rear. He takes the count and things start again at 2:30. Khan looking to flurry. Collazo digging to the body with right hooks. Clinch. One minute in. Khan with a right downstairs. Khan flurries well. Lead left lands for Collazo. Collazo bounces four punches off the guard. He's still trudging forward with hands at his waist. One minute to go. Lead double right by Khan. 1-2 by Khan. Khan reverses position when moved to the fence. Collazo unable to get through Khan's guard. Round ends, 40-35 Khan.

Round five: Nice counter right from Collazo as Khan flurries. Ref warns Collazo for ducking his head down. Lead right by Amir connects. Clinch. One minute in. Lead left from Collazo. Collazo lands a pair of clubbing shots while one hand is tied up. Good combo from Khan. Another cross connects. Hard left hook, clinch. One minute left. Collazo so far unable to find his mark. Clinch. Lead right from Amir, clinch. 1-2, clinch. Collazo whacks him with a right hook, other three punches are blocked. Collazo in pursuit at round's end. 50-44 Khan.

Round six: Story of the fight so far is Collazo's inability to land clean. Khan landing fast punches with impressive accuracy. Left and right hooks land. Collazo cracks him with a right hook. Collazo moves him to the ropes, does not land clean. 1-2 by Khan. Collazo whacks him in the clinch. Right hook upstairs. Left hook this time. Halfway through the round. Collazo has a higher punch output but is still struggling to get through Khan's guard. Good right by Khan. Minute to go. Clinch. Good lead right by Amir. Clinch. Collazo sneaks a left straight through the guard. Clinch. Good lead right from Amir before the bell. I'm giving it to Collazo based on activity. 59-54 Khan.

Round seven: Amir digs a right hand to the body. He's throwing well in combination and Collazo can't get the timing down to punish him. Lead right connects for Khan. Collazo trying to maneuver Khan to the ropes to unload, does land a right hook to the body. One minute in. Lead right by Amir. Another right hand connects. Clinch. Halfway through the round. Nice lead left hook from Amir. Clinch. Amir to the body with a right, head with a left hook. Clinch. Right hand at the end of a flurry. Left hand by Collazo, who's taunting Khan at this point. 1-2 from Amir, body shot in the clinch from Collazo strays low. Lead right hand connects again, Collazo with a left. 69-63 Khan.

Round eight: Khan digs a right hand to the body. Left hook, Collazo throws blatantly low in the clinch and Vic Drakulich takes a point. Khan flurries, does not get through. Good 1-1-2 from Collazo and a right hand to the body. Amir cracks him with a right hand and clinches. Lead left hand by Khan. One minute in. Lead right this time. Collazo digs a left to the body. Clinch. Lead left from Collazo, then hooks around the guard. Khan lands a lead right hand, then both land good left hands. Collazo moves Khan to the ropes and lands a right hook to the body. Overhand right by Amir. Khan left hook, Collazo lead left soon after. Collazo bops him with a right hook rabbit punch. Clinch. Khan loses a point due to holding. Khan buffets him with a few punches before the bell. 77-72 Khan.

Round nine: Khan still moving well in the later rounds. More clinching. Khan with a pair of rights to the body, hits Collazo with a 1-2 as they separate. Collazo bounces a flurry off his guard. Khan combination. One minute in. Collazo lands well in combination, including a right hook to the body. Khan blasts Collazo with a series of long punches, Collazo responds by buffeting him with hooks. Another good sequence by Khan halfway through the round. Clinch. Collazo lands a left straight and digs to the body. Left bounces off the top of Amir's head. Thirty seconds left in the round. Khan lands a lead right hand. Good combination by Khan, Collazo again tries to sneak hooks around the guard. There's the bell, 87-81 Khan.

Round ten: Khan lands another straight. 1-1-2 from Khan. Thirty seconds in. Clinch. 3-shot combo from Khan. Big 1-2 from Khan and then a pair of body shots. Amir snaps Collazo's head back with straights and moves him to the corner. Halfway through the round. Amir drops him with a big right hand to the body. Collazo makes it to his feet, then goes down to a flurry to the head. Collazo complaining, but up in time. Khan pouring it on against the ropes. Thirty seconds to go. Khan just battering him, but Collazo waves him on before the bell. 97-88 Khan.

Round eleven: Collazo continuing to complain to the referee. Can't quite catch what he's on about. Collazo trying some straight punches, so far hitting forearm. One minute in. Collazo whacks him with some hooks around the guard, then eats a lead right hand. Khan left hook after one to the body is blocked. Collazo lands lefts in the clinch. Left straight to the head from Collazo. Collazo still taunting and waving Khan in. Collazo lands a combination, gets tied up. Thirty seconds left in the round. Not enough from Khan this round. 106-98 Khan.

Round twelve: Lead right lands for Amir. Again, then Collazo lands a groin shot in the clinch. Ref chides Amir for holding his head down. Amir lands a right and clinches on the restart. Good sequence of punches capped by a double left hook before the clinch. One minute in. Right by Khan, then a flurry. Collazo attempts a flurry. Clinch. Amir to the body. One minute left. Clinch. Collazo with a four-piece combo as Khan reaches the ropes. Right hook up top, Amir cracks him with a cross. Collazo still trudging forward. Round ends as Khan flurries and Collazo tags the body. 116-107 Khan.

Final result: Khan def. Collazo by unanimous decision


Adrien Broner vs. John Molina

Round one: Molina on the front foot. Broner firing off a good jab. Good left hook from Broner. Molina lands a counter jab. 1-2 downstairs. Good lead right by Adrien, Molina swats at him with left hooks. Halfway through the round. Clinch, Molina lands a right on the break. 1-2 connects. Molina takes a stiff jab, tries to answer with hooks. 1-2 from Broner. Molina to the body. Broner continuing to land good jabs, sneaks in an uppercut. Molina's active, Broner's landing the better punches. 10-9 Broner.

Round two: Molina's aggressive with combinations, nothing too ferocious connecting yet. Jab exchange. Molina pressing forward, Broner seemingly content to take them on his arms and offer little in return save the occasional straight shot. One minute left. Molina cracks him with a pair of heavy overhand rights, Broner tries to play it off before a clinch. Left hook by Molina. Right hand, left uppercut by Molina. Broner just isn't throwing anything and clinches before the bell. 19-19.

Round three: Broner tosses Molina to the mat, resulting in the ref giving him a right telling-off. Molina charges him immediately and goes to work with swarming hooks to the body and head. Broner circles out. Thirty seconds in. Things slow down back to jabbing. Molina walks through a Broner flurry to land his own. Good lead right from Adrien. Halfway through the round. Right hook to the body from Molina. One minute left. 1-2 by Broner. Double jab form Molina. Broner avoids an overhand. Molina clinches, clocks Broner with a pair of hooks on the exit. Round ends, 29-28 Molina.

Round four: Molina just looks unafraid of Broner's punches and Broner's not throwing enough to get his attention. Molina flurries his way in around the thirty second mark. Body shot from Molina. Clinch. Both land rights to the body, Broner with a left hook upstairs. Now Broner's throwing a bit more, tagging Molina as he comes in. Halfway through the round. Molina to the body. Again, then a left hook upstairs. Broner left hook and uppercut. Broner body shot, left upstairs. Molina goes back to the body. One minute to go. Broner opening up, scoring to the body and head and sneaking in some forearms as he does so. Molina with a body shot, Broner continues plugging away. Uppercut in close range working well for Adrien. Round ends with Molina charging in. 38-38.

Round five: Molina seems unfazed and continues moving in. Broner taking most of them on his gloves. Broner using his forearms quite a bit. Minute in. Left hook by Molina, then one to the body. Broner jabbing. Left hook. Molina avoiding the uppercut and left hook fro the most part. Broner lands a short right hand; he's more active in the latter part of the round. 3-shot combo by Molina, Broner left hook and another. Nice counter right and left hook by Broner. Uppercut lands. He's doing good work at close range. Thirty seconds left. Broner does his little humping act again. 48-47 Broner.

Round six: Molina continuing to trudge forward. Good exchanges at close range. Molina lands a pair of body shots. Back to the clinch, Molina chips away. Good left hook from Broner. Right straight connects. Ninety seconds in. Broner to the body. Molina answers in kind. Good right hand from Broner inside. Broner continuing to do good work at close range. 0:45 to go. Molina dings the body. Solid lefts by Molina, Broner lands an overhand right in the last few seconds. 58-56 Broner.

Round seven: Molina gain bullying his way in and landing short punches. Broner with a right up top. They bounce punches off each other's guards, Broner bops him with a pair of hooks. One minute in. Both land lefts to the body. Broner lands a straight and uppercut to the head. Molina overhand right. Molina body shot.

It's weird; it's like Adrien is pulling his punches a bit.

Minute to go. Moline to the body. Broner responds in kind and lands a cross. Molina lands a pair of overhands and a body shot. Broner responds with two crosses. Lead right and left hook by Broner. Broner taunts after the round. 67-66 Broner.

Round eight: Molina still chugging forward. Clinch, overhand rights from Molina. Good short right by Molina. One minute in. Molina to the body. Right up top. Molina presses him to the ropes, Broner gets the better of the short exchange. Halfway through. Molina doubles up the left hook. Broner's output effectively nil so far. Molina again bops him with a left hook. Molina cracks him with a right. Broner lands a lead right. Round ends, 76-76.

Round nine: Molina moving forward, Broner potshotting. Molina to the body. Clinch. Broner jabs the body. One minute in. Broner dings him with a pair of hooks coming in. Molina flurries, finishes it with a left hook. Broner taunts. Short range exchange. 1-2 lands for Broner. Molina to the body. Left hook by Molina. Molina flurries. Thirty seconds left. Molina pops him with a hook inside. Broner jabbing. Hook exchange. Broner lands a hook to the body. Broner with a 2-3 inside. 86-85 Broner.

Round ten: Molina flurries, lands to the body and head. Broner sticking out his jab and right, Molina looking to mug him. Good left hook. Two minutes to go. Good body shot from Molina. Clinching. Short left hook by Broner and a right cross. Left hooks from Broner. Broner uppercut. One minute left. Molina cracks him with a left hook. Broner gets lazy exiting a clinch and almost eats a left hook. Short range exchange. Broner with a good right hand answered by a left hook. Round ends with a great exchange. 95-95.

Final result: Broner def. Molina by unanimous decision


J'Leon Love vs. Marco Antonio Periban

Round one: Periban working his jab early. Minute in, no real blows yet. Love plants a right to the body, Periban obliges after a quick exchange. Love now more active with his jab. Halfway through the round. Nice left by Periban. Love is letting Periban push him to the ropes fairly consistently. One-two to the body from Periban. One minute. Good counter jab by Love. Right to the body, two-piece upstairs bounces off. Lead right hand connects. Round ends without any serious hits. 10-9 Love.

Round two: Periban targeting the body with long punches, struggling to get close enough to connect. Both men jab the body. Thirty seconds in. They clinch, Periban swats him to the body inside. 1-2 lands for the Mexican. Love using the double jab well. Lead right to the body answered by a left hook to the dome. Halfway through the round. Right hand lands for Periban near the ropes. Periban gets off balance, Love chases him with body shots. Solid jabs. Love with a right downstairs. Hard counter hook by Periban, Love with one to the body soon after. Slow fight. 20-18 Love.

Round three: Love forgets his mouthpiece to start the round. Periban again moves Love to the ropes but can't capitalize. Now he unloads on Love and makes some good connections. Periban unloading until Love ties him up forty seconds in. Love returns to circling after the break. Left hook by Periban. Double jab from Love. Periban digs a left hook to the body. Another solid combination against the ropes. Love lands a counter left hook, Periban responds by slamming a couple hooks to the body home. One minute left. Love with a left hook to the body. Counter jab connects. 3-shot combo by Love hits guard. Periban lands a chopping right in the last ten seconds. 29-28 Love.

Round four: Jab to the body from Love. Both men pumping their jabs early on. Periban with a 1-2 to the body. Jab combo from Love in return. One minute in. It's just jabs so far. Counter right by Periban halfway through is the first real blow, followed by a 1-2. Love is very active with his jab but hasn't thrown a true power punch yet. Minute to go. Left to the body by Love. Nice exchange near the 30 second mark. Crap fight so far. 38-38.

Round five: There is nothing happening here. Just jabbing. Periban opens up near the ropes, 40 seconds and a minute in. Love content to just jab. Periban with a right to the body. 1-2 rocks Love; Love retreats to the ropes and eats some heavy shots before tying up. Periban all over him on the reset. Two more big shots rock Love, who finally takes a knee with 40 seconds to go. Love back up, Periban still battering him. Love holds him with fifteen to go. Love holds once more to end the round. 48-46 Periban.

Round six: Love back on his bicycle to start the sixth. Jabbing well, eats a right hand from Periban. Periban whacks the body to initiate a heavy exchange, Love landing a plethora of left hooks upstairs in responds to Periban's right hands. Another good right form Periban at 1:45. Nice left hand in response by Love. Love lands an overhand right, lands a body shot. Periban to the body, Love again goes upstairs with his right. One minute to go. Love now in pursuit. Good right behind the guard. Periban is now cut over his left eye and Love is taking full advantage. Periban retreating and taking good shots from Love. Good round for Love. 57-56 Periban.

Round seven: I miss the first half of the round due to technical difficulties, so let's pick up at 1:30. Good combination by Love, landing to the body and head. 1-2 from Periban, 3 misses. Love winning the jab battle, Periban still active. 30 seconds left. Counter hook from Periban after a missed Love right. Overhand right and left hook connect for Love near the ropes. 66-66.

Round eight: Jabs to start the round. Minute in, no major action yet. Counter left hook from Periban, right downstairs from Love. 1-2 by Periban, he eats a double jab in response. Love again winning the jab battle. Periban lands a cross just before the minute mark. More jabs fill out the final minute of the round. 76-75 Love.

Round nine: Again, Love circling with jabs and Periban falling short with power shots. Left hook to the body lands for Periban 45 seconds in. Love dodges a 1-1-2 after landing a body shot. Halfway through the round, Periban still struggling to pierce the guard and eats a body shot and hook upstairs. Good body shot from Periban, Love shakes his head like a tool. 1-2 connects for Periban. Love merrily jabbing away. Periban opens up near the 10 second mark but does not land clean. 1-2 to the body ends the round. 86-84 Love.

Round ten: Periban flicking out jabs and right hands, unable to make contact. Double jab from Love. One minute in. Periban right to the body. Love throwing nothing other than the jab. Periban finding some success with the 1-2 to the body, if only because Love isn't throwing jack. Periban spends the latter half of the round pursuing Love, who refuses to throw until the last ten seconds. 95-94 Love.

Final result: Love def. Periban by unanimous decision


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