Dan "Hendo" Henderson: Too far gone

So here to settle a bet with the Shambler, here is why "Hendo" is the shittiest fighter out there.

Throughout the history of MMA, there is but one name that stands out as hands down the worst fighter to ever disgrace the octagon. That man is none other than Dan Henderson.



Let's take a recent look at what Hendo has done for the sport of MMA. The man is pushing 44 years right now and completely out of the loop when it comes to fighting for the belt. Last saturday night, we saw Hendo get his shit pushed in for 3 rounds until he just gave up and let Daniel Cormier put him to sleep with a glorious RNC. Before this? Hendo gets knocked around pillar to post by Shogun in a relatively one sided fight until Hendo lands the lucky H-Bomb right on the beak to secure a much needed W since dropping 3 straight. Of those 3 straight were losses to Belfort, Shad, and Machida (Hendo > Machida)

Hendo's slow and plodding pace has been a hindrance for quite some time now really paying the price with his knockout loss to Vitor Belfort. Who the fuck wades in, hands down, head down, and looking for an overhand right that is not there only to be rocketed up in the air by a vicious uppercut.

-insert vitor hendo gif here-

Thank God Vitor mercifully ended the fight with a shattering head kick to put Hendo out of his misery. I for one believed that Hendo should have had the "Chuck Talk" after that KO loss and dropping decisions to shad and chida. At this point in time, the only thing Hendo lands is the bitter taste of pity on my tongue. He's not the great killer that once felled Fedor or was always in title talks back in the day. He's a shell of his former younger self.

After his atrocious loss to DC, Hendo is headed for the glue factory. If not, I hear Rich Franklin wants a tune up back to his old stomping grounds at Franklinweight

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