Video: Tito Ortiz says he's like Dana White's ex-wife because the 'childish' UFC president doesn't leave him alone

Bellator light heavyweight Tito Ortiz talks about his ongoing beef with UFC President Dana White, and explains why he feels like an ex-wife who just can't be left alone.

Tito Ortiz is no longer a part of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) family, but that hasn't stopped the ongoing war of words between he and the promotion's president, Dana White.

Shortly after Tito defeated Alexander Shlemenko at Bellator 120 (recap here), the former UFC light heavyweight champion demanded in his post-fight speech to be removed from the UFC's Hall of Fame.

White, however, isn't having it, declaring during a recent UFC 173 media scrum (watch it) that he didn't care what Tito wanted. It's little innuendos here and there such as that one that make Tito feel like an ex-wife who is being stalked.

Furthermore, Tito says if White truly didn't care about him, then why does he try to make an effort to erase him out of UFC existence?

Of course, only when it's convenient for them, as he recently told Rick J. Lee:

"It's just childish, very childish with the things that he says. I just continue with my career. When I walked away from them I thought it would be over. But throughout the last two years, it's little things that he would say. Just to bark up a little bit; maybe to get a little more attention. Wasn't he held a lot as a kid or something? What it comes down to, I'm like his ex-girlfriend or something. I'm like his ex-wife, the guy just doesn't leave me alone. It's affecting my fans, it's going to affect my kids in the future, too, when they see the stuff he says about me. Half the stuff is BS. When it comes down to him, it's like, get over it, man. If no one cared, then why would he try to make a point to erase me out of UFC if he didn't care? If no one cares? He is doing it to try and make a mockery of me and I won't let that happen, I think my fans won't let that happen. Whatever Dana says, bad, good, he's still talking. The week of my fight, they take me off the website, but then they put me, ‘Best of Tito Ortiz' on UFC Fight Pass. Hmmm? It's like, ‘let's don't forget to make an extra penny off Tito Ortiz. Yeah, because we paid him so much money, we made so much money off of him.' It's fine. It just shows the strength my name truly has. I just keep a smile on my face. They're still thinking about me, they ain't going to get rid of me, they can try as much as they want."

According to Ortiz, it's all a psychological game Dana White and Co. are trying to play with him prior to his fights. Something the brash president was accustomed to doing to him while fighting under the UFC banner, according to Tito.

This is just the latest in what seems to be a beef that will never be squashed between the two former business partners. But hey, if White and ken Shamrock can end their bickering, then anything's possible, right?

Then again, it 's obvious White and Tito's beef is a bit deeper and a lot more personal.

Maybe it's about time "The Huntington Beach Bad Boy" put a restraining gag order on the UFC's head honcho.

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