Dana White: 'No way in the world' Matt Brown fights Nate Diaz next, but will book brother Nick Diaz

Photo via Esther Lin

Nick and Nate Diaz are back in the mixed martial arts (MMA) headlines ... still with no looming fights on the horizon.

It makes no sense!

Once again, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White is confronted with a puzzling 209 match-making offer from Diaz Bros Inc. This time around it's Nate Diaz, who volunteered to end his self-imposed exile to compete against red-hot Matt Brown, who he hailed as "among the baddest motherfuckers out there."

There is just one large problem with that potential showdown.

First, Brown is a top-ranked Welterweight (No. 6) in the midst of a seven-fight win streak, fresh off a high-profile "Fight of the Year"-type performance against Erick Silva earlier this month at UFC Fight Night 40 (watch full fight video highlights here). Meanwhile, Diaz is a former No. 1 Lightweight contender who was recently removed from the 155-pound rankings because of his troublesome "inactivity."

On the most recent edition of FOX Sports 1's "UFC Tonight," White didn't even want to entertain the idea:

"No, no way in the world. That fight has not been talked about, it’s not even close, we’ve never even considered that fight. Nate Diaz did say that he was interested in that fight, but that fight doesn’t make sense. He fights at 155 [pounds], has lost two of his last three fights and Brown’s on this unbelievable roll. Brown is a Welterweight and has been fighting there a long time. He deserves a top contender. Listen, if Nick Diaz wants to come out and fight Brown I’ll do that fight."

Nick Diaz, of course, retired from mixed martial arts (MMA) after a unanimous decision loss to then-division champion, Georges St-Pierre, at UFC 158 more than one year ago. He has teased a return, but is seemingly unwilling to accept anything other than another championship opportunity against current division incumbent, Johny Hendricks.

Brown actually suggested a scrap against the older Diaz because he feels it has the potential to be "a legendary fight." However, it seems "Immortal" is not a big enough name to warrant a comeback.

And neither is Nate Diaz, who boasts an unimpressive record (2-2) north of 155 pounds.

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