Discussing the Future of the Mania Money Pool: Are We Doing a Lock Out Season?

Everyone should know that we only have 2 more events to complete season 13 of our Mania Money Pool. UFC 173 Barao vs Dillashaw will air on May 24 and the last event will already be on May 31 when we crown the next Brazil TUF. Now we also all know that our beloved commissioner JOBEN has been banned for over a month now. Alongside him are other Maniacs banned like porn by the firewall of a Catholic congregation.

The money ball question is: are we pushing through with season 14? Is Joben okay to commish even though he is banned here? Who can step up if needed be?

Currently, these are your players for season 13:

  1. swiftman
  2. MMA Boss
  3. henryheimlich
  4. Agar
  5. Snake_Pliskan
  6. TripPilch
  7. kimuraalloverurface
  8. DoctorMMA
  9. BNF
  10. JohnDanahersHair
  11. ViolentMike
  12. Yerloose
  13. Donnmcslick
  14. kg12
  15. unambig
  16. Ninja_Oreo_Dollop
  17. Rilly
  18. VicDundee
  19. Sanabriaman
  20. pabloXL
  21. Jelly_Belly
  22. Phasebook
  23. goldmouth
  24. Bill_P
  25. sklart
  26. RGIII
  27. MieshasTaint
  28. Oilcheck
  29. Jido7
  30. Johnnyboy6969
  31. potato623
  32. tap snap or bons
  33. Joben
  34. Scottidog
  35. Shivan_Tiger
  36. biggant
  37. dildon
  38. dlocc
  39. Loonz
  40. JorgeHernandez23
  41. Kashacous
  42. The Pride
  43. letstalkmma
  44. ricky dooby
  45. Aussie
  46. Deuce02
  47. broken orbital

And then these people won an event for season 13 and are guaranteed for Season 14 already:

Event 1: dlocc - 80 POINTS

Event 2: Jonnyboy6969 - 90 POINTS

Event 3: broken orbital - 57 POINTS

Event 4: thepride - 72 POINTS

Event 5: dildon - 102 POINTS

Event 6: Ninja Oreo Dollop - 107 POINTS

Event 7: Yerloose - 78 POINTS

Event 8: TripPilch - 81 POINTS

Event 9: ???

Event 10: ???

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