Game of Thrones Season 4, Episode 7-"Mockingbird"



After last week's epic Tyrion moment, we pick up immediately after in his cell. Jaime is furious that his brother threw away his only chance at survival. Tyrion just couldn't stand hearing Shae lie like she did, and he was happy to see Tywin's plan shatter before his eyes. Besides, Tyrion has survived one trial by combat already. However, Jaime won't be able to fight for him due to his still-pathetic skill with his left hand. Tyrion has Jaime find Bronn, and Jaime reveals who Cersei's champion will be.

Speaking of which, the Mountain has just arrived in King's Landing and is killing some peasants for fun. Swinging his two-handed greatsword with only one hand, he makes short work of the defenseless men. Cersei approaches her champion and welcomes him. The Mountain asks who he will be fighting, even though it doesn't really matter.

Days after Tyrion sent for him, Bronn finally arrives at his cell. He is dressed up much more than he usually is, and reveals that he is to marry Lollys Stokeworth. Tyrion offers him a huge slice of land in the North should Bronn fight for him against the Mountain, but Bronn isn't too keen on hypothetical rewards for his services. Tyrion says he thought Bronn was his friend, and Bronn says he is. However, he points out that Tyrion never risked his life for him and wishes him the best.

Later, a new visitor comes to Tyrion's cell: Oberyn. He tells Tyrion of the talk he had with Cersei, and how she tried to sway Oberyn against Tyrion. He reveals that Cersei wants Tyrion dead more than anything, but Tyrion already knows. He then tells of the first time he met Tyrion, when the dwarf was just a baby. As Oberyn left Dorne on their way to Casterly Rock, he heard stories of the demonic baby born to Tywin Lannister. When he finally saw Tyrion, however, he was disappointed at how ordinary Tyrion looked. Even then Cersei hated Tyrion and wanted him dead. Oberyn wants justice for his sister and her children, and can get it by helping Tyrion. He will be Tyrion's champion against the Mountain.

In the Vale (or nearby), Arya and the Hound come upon a burned-out house and a dying man. The man has given up on trying to stay alive, and asks for a drink before he goes. The Hound gives him a drink of water before finishing him with a knife to the heart. As he stands up, he is ambushed and bitten on the neck by Biter before he is able to snap the savage's neck. Rorge is there too, and tells them of the bounty on the Hound's head and that Joffrey is dead. Arya reveals they know each other from Yoren's camp. Rorge tells them his name, and Arya stabs him through the heart.

Later, the Hound attempts to stitch himself up after they have made camp. Arya stresses that he needs to cauterize the wound to prevents infection, but his fear of fire won't let him. When she approaches with a stick from the fire, he expresses his frustration at the situation now that he has a bounty. He regrets taking her from the Brotherhood. He then tells her the story of how he got his scar, and reveals that the worst part about it was that it was Gregor that burned him. Sympathetic, Arya help him wash and finish stitching up the wound.

At Castle Black, Jon and the rangers have returned from Craster's. Ser Alliser immediately orders Jon to lock Ghost up or he would be put down. Jon reports to Ser Alliser and the other leaders about what happened, and reveals that they left just before Mance's army arrived. Jon wants to seals the tunnel beneath the Wall with stone and ice, but Ser Alliser calls him a coward. He believes that sealing the tunnel would mean cutting off their legs, while Jon says that the gates won't stop the giants in Mance's company. The head builder, Yarwyck, agrees that it would be a bad idea to seal it. Ser Alliser pours salt in the wound by ordering Jon and Sam to serve a month's worth of night watches atop the Wall.

In Meereen, Daario has snuck into Dany's chambers. She is not pleased that he has come. It seems that Daario feels his talents of war and women are wasted in Meereen, as the Second Sons are reduced to patrolling the streets and the only woman he wants doesn't want him. He urges Daenerys to let him return to Yunkai and kill her enemies. She tells him to do what he does best, then tells him to unclothe.

The next morning, Jorah runs into Daario as he is leaving Dany's chambers. He doesn't trust Daario, and makes his thoughts known to her. She doesn't have faith in Daario, however, and has sent him to Yunkai. In order to prevent them from merely rising up again when he is finished, she has ordered Daario to execute every Yunkish slavemaster. Jorah doesn't approve, as the slaves there have only seen cruelty and never kindness. After some persuading, Dany relents and has Hizdahr zo Loraq go to Yunkai and tell the slavemasters that, "they can live in my new world or the can die in their old one." She has Jorah tell Daario that he has changed her mind.

On Dragonstone, Selyse comes to Melisandre, interrupting her bath. Mel asks for a vial from her shelf before revealing that most of her potions are used as tricks to make people see R'hlorr's power. Selyse tells her that Stannis wants to bring Shireen with them when they leave, and she doesn't think it's a good idea. Melisandre explains that Shireen must go, as the Lord will need her.

At the Inn at the Crossroads, Pod and Brienne have stopped for the night. They are eating kidney pie made by none other than Hot Pie. After they compliment the meal, Hot Pie goes off on a tangent about cooking. To get him to stop talking, Brienne asks if he has seen Sansa. Nervous, Hot Pie says he hasn't. The next morning as they are leaving, Hot Pie approaches the two and says he has seen Arya, and that she was headed to Riverrun with the Brotherhood. Pod later tells Brienne that they should try the Eyrie instead, since that is where Arya and Sansa's only living relative lives.

At the Eyrie, Sansa is building Winterfell out of snow when Robin approaches her. He asks her questions about the castle, including whether or not it has a moon door. He tries to make a moon door on one of the towers, but accidentally knocks it over. Sansa, angry, yells at him for ruining it before Robin destroys the rest of the castle. Sansa hits him and he runs off. Littlefinger comes up to her and tells her not to worry about it, as he should have been hit long ago. She wants to know why he really killed Joffrey, and he reveals it was because he hurt the Starks and therefore Catelyn. He steals a kiss from Sansa as Lysa watches from the walkway above.

Later, Sansa is summoned into the throne room and finds Lysa standing over the moon door. Lysa says she knows what Sansa did, and Sansa begs forgiveness for hitting Robin. That's not what Lysa is talking about, however. She rounds on Sansa and grabs her, yelling at her about the Littlefinger's kiss. Sansa denies it, saying it wasn't her fault. Lysa doesn't believe her and holds her over the moon door, threatening to drop her and warning her of what happens to people who get between her and Petyr. Littlefinger arrives just in time and his able to talk his wife down. He comforts her, telling her there is only one woman that he has ever loved. A relieved Lysa looks up at him as he whispers, "Your sister" and pushes her out of the moon door.

Not as good of an episode as last week, but still a very good one. Dany's plot was probably the weakest this week, but the ending made up for it.

Next week: Ramsay's plan is set in motion, Lysa's death is investigated, Mole's Town is attacked and it's the fight of the century in King's Landing.

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