What's the problem? Person-punching record holder Matt Brown makes case for UFC welterweight title shot

Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Brown is making a case for a UFC welterweight title shot, stating that he's never been in a boring fight and dominated all of his last seven opponents. But, despite having a very impressive resume, will "The Immortal" get overlooked?

Matt Brown racked up his seventh straight win this past weekend (Sat., May 10, 2014), rag-dolling Erick Silva in the main event of UFC Fight Night 40, which went down from U.S. Bank Arena in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The dominating finish (watch full video highlights here) over "Indio" was Brown's seventh consecutive victory. It also improved Brown's chances of becoming the next top contender to Johny Hendricks' Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Welterweight crown.

Nonetheless, UFC President Dana White may want him to win one more to solidify his status.

But, according to "The Immortal," he thinks he's already done enough to warrant a title fight, citing that he's defeated everyone put in front of him in impressive fashion.

Brown made his case during a recent appearance on "The MMA Hour:"

"I think I read somewhere that I have to win another fight, right? Ah man, I don't know, what's fair? I believe, on paper, when you compare what other guys have done to get title fights, I believe I've done enough to get a title fight when you look at the history of all the people that's always got title fights. I know that it comes down to a lot more than what's on paper. I have a hard time seeing this from the outside in. I mean, I don't know how I would feel if I was on the outside. I don't see what the problem would be with giving me a title shot. I've never had a boring fight, I've got all of these records, I think for knockouts, significant strikes. Everything for punching a person, I think I got the record for it. So, I've never put on a boring fight, I'm tied for second for active winning streak. I'm sure that if the reason would be that I have to fight a Top 10, top five guy, that would be the only reason left. There could not be another possible reason to not give me a title fight."

Despite the dominant victory over Silva, Brown admits he didn't fight his best, admitting that it took him plenty of time to get warmed up -- his body had to adjust to all of the waiting for the main event to begin.

I shutter to think how much more damage Silva would have absorbed had Brown truly been on point.

Nevertheless, the question remains: Does Brown deserve the next shot at the 170-pound strap? Or should that go to the winner of Tyron Woodley vs. Rory MacDonald, which goes down next month at UFC 174, get the first crack at Hendricks when he returns from injury?

As "The immortal" alluded to, his resume speaks for itself, but, perhaps there's more to dominating foe after foe when it comes to earning a shot at the title in the biggest mixed martial arts  (MMA) company in the world.

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