Welcome to TrashTalkTwitterThursday8

The comment section is like a soapopera. An online "Days of our lives" with neverending drama, trolling, feuds, beefs and Hendo> Machida. Lot's of Hendo > Machida.

But it doesn't stop there. No. Maniacs have been representing quite handsomely in the land of 140 characters also known as Twitter.

This segment, brought to you by: Gogo, who went full Tim Eliott and tapped out from making the TTTT's


, is here to highlight all the festivities that you may have missed in case you don't have a twitter account.

Bannings ! Bannings everywhere !

It's a goddamn epidemic, i tell you. Here's a particulary nasty and downright shocking ban-message of one the most powerful Internet mod-deities in the history of forever...

#yolocaust bitch.

Follow potato674. His dickpic collection rivals Oilcheck's. Seriously, it's impressive.

There have been quite a few Photoshop wars here on mania.

Whether its Oilcheck's Homoshops, shit-picker selfies in the Moneypool thread or just brutal, harsh, personal attacks on some asshole you don't like. Naturally the fun shouldn't stop on twitter.

Check out this Football (its Handegg, you yank fucks. Football (not soccer), is played with a ball while using your foot... just ask Taiter after he's done with his dominatrix he pays to kick him in the balls to make him forget the fact that no-one wants to fuck a 46 year old Canadian virgin) inspired convo that quickly degenerated into Sodom and Gomorra....

(For those who don't get it, KashAcous on the left, Trip on the right, lol)

(DiazWeedman on the right)

(Backstory : Trip, like many maniacs, is a beer-enthousiast, gun-nut, football obsessed All-American stud. Many of the photoshop are themed accordingly. And Trip, bro... judging from the orginal pic you posted, you're swole as fuck. I don't get where this overweight/diet talk is coming from. Them broad shoulders make Phil Davis look like Dragon_Machida...

...Hendo > Machida, bitch.)

Follow TripPilch. He lives in Arizona and has nice pics of Uknown's asshole, the Grand Canyon.

Rape jokes, racebaiting, deaththreats, mom-jokes, gayslurs, fat-shaming... If you have it... i want it.

But diabetes jokes ?

Too far, man. What's this world coming to ? Fuck this, i rage quit the TTTT again, you maniacs fucking me sick to my stomach. You fucks need Jesus, repent now and burn in hell. Fuck.









lol, diabetes.

Follow KashAcous, get well brah. As hilarious a disease it may be, Diabetes sucks.

Haha, diabetes. Cracks me up everytime. Lol

Let's go back. Waaaaay back.

Remember Deuce's backyard brawls fanpost from last year, Here's a convo that was inspired by that post.... which Deuce never fucking followed up... I remember drawing U308man and dominating him Brown Pride styly... Why do I always get into it with old Canadians? Weird.

(backstory : JonBon Joey used to be a poster on mania, until Joben went full beast-mode on his ass and has since totally fucked off to BE and MMAfighting. During one of those internet assrapings, JonBon posted a pic to show off his body while having his hair in a bun...(haha, oh jesus) and has since been known as Jon Bun Joey or my personal favorite, Jon Bun Blowey)

Btw, Ella... if you're reading this. Drop by sometime. It has been months since we heard of you and the way you left mania was a bit worrysome considering some of the things you said about yourself. Let us know how you are doing, Mania (sans Sarah) is a total sausagefest... Where you at, gurl ?

Follow Ella. She's great.

Alright, you unproductive members of society. This was the 8th quadruple T or TTTT (pronounced: tittytitty): TrashTalkTwitterThursdays.

If you see a tweet that was funny, moving, revolting, or have gifs of the latest East-European super models orgy that you hosted in your mom's basement last weekend,


(HI5 Oksana and Irina, sЭe У'Дll ЙeЖt Щeek, 8====D---------- (°0°) it in the comment section below.

Twitter is gigantic and I could use all the help I can get to make sure everybody that's worthy of props, get their props.

Ok, I hope you enjoyed this shit and i'll see you guys in another three or four months when i feel like making another TittyTitty for the next episode of TrashTalkTwitterThursdays.

Hendo > Machida

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