Natural: Ryan Couture didn't get a fair shake in UFC and that falls on Dana White's shoulders

Christian Petersen

Hell has no wrath like a father's fury.

You knew this one wasn't going to play out well.

Ryan Couture, son of the legendary Randy Couture, was given his release by Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) last September after two consecutive losses. He was stopped by Ross Pearson at UFC on Fuel TV 9 a year ago, then outclassed by Al Iaquinta at UFC 164 last summer.

According to his pops, junior never got a fair shake from UFC head honcho Dana White. Why? Check out what the former UFC heavyweight and light heavyweight champion had to say, courtesy of our friends at Submission Radio:

"No I don't think he got a fair shake. I don't think that any 7-0 fighter was being handled appropriately or properly in putting him in with a Ross Pearson who has 30 plus mixed martial arts fights. That's not a real fair match up on the experience side of things. Was Ryan capable, technically and tactically of winning that fight? I think he proved that. He went out and won the first round, but Ross is a very, very experienced fighter. He stuck to his guns, he knew where he needed to be and he found a way to win and I think that was Dana poking at me, trying to get back at me for signing a deal with Spike and again trying to villainies me, not allowing me to corner my son, to be involved with my son when he made the transition to the biggest fight of his life; and I think that showed after the Pearson fight his confidence was in the toilet, and that second kid, he was more than capable of beating, but I think coming off the Pearson fight it was tough fight for him. It didn't go well, and again, I wasn't allowed to be there to do the things that I've been doing for him in every other fight that he had up to that point and that all falls on Dana's shoulders. I think that's where he really went and stepped over the line. You start messing with somebody's family and that would be like me messing with his sons and he's got a couple sons so, that puts it in perspective but that's how Dana operates. I know Dana well."

You can understand why "The Natural" is pissed off.

He was never one to suck up to his boss, since they've had their differences before. The final nail in the coffin for White was when Couture jumped ship to Spike TV, leaving his post at FOX Sports and taking part in Bellator's reality series, "Fight Master."

Couture insists he had his reasons.

White was beyond livid, disgusted with the decision and ruled out any sort of participation between both parties. It was so bad that White wouldn't allow Couture to corner his son. Plus, to make matters worse, matching Ryan up against Ross Pearson was a bit odd, considering it was the youngster's first UFC bout.

Anyone disagree?

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