Holly Holm focused on broken arm, not UFC fight against Ronda Rousey

Bellator MMA

But will still be willing to see what doors start to open.

Holly Holm dazzled her supporters yet again this past weekend (April 4, 2014) at Legacy 30.

She won the inaugural women's bantamweight championship against Juliana Werner, drilling her opponent with a head kick followed by punches to secure the victory in her hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico -- with a broken arm, no less.

She details the fallout during her appearance on the The MMA Hour:

"I'm not in any pain or anything ... we're just talking with surgeons to see what the best choice is going to be. It happened in the first round ... she threw a head kick, and I lazily threw my arm out there to block it."

Holm decided to keep quiet about her arm throughout the fight, staying calm and stormed through the injury as the bout progressed:

"I just wanted to make sure I controlled the fight as much as I could ... I was really just trying to control the pace. Just keep control."

Instead of over-hyping a match against UFC women's bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey, which could be a little premature, Holm could set up a colossal pay-per-view (PPV) fight against Cristiane Justino, instead.

Her agent, Lenny Fresquez talked about inviting "Cyborg" to Holm's last fight, but remains tight-lipped about the potential offering:

"I could confirm that we invited Cris to come over to the fight, and she couldn't make it. I can't talk about other talks we've had on that. It's an option. Holly has a lot of options. She's unlike any other fighter. She has a lot of options."

The former world boxing champ is 7-0, although her challenges haven't exactly been difficult, to say the least. Holm had to deal with UFC talk while gearing up for her fight this past weekend, but she never looked past her opponent -- she just had a little extra pressure to deal with.

Despite meeting with Fresquez at UFC 171, UFC boss Dana White was unhappy with the meeting, in which MMA Hour host Ariel Helwani asked him to clear the air on the issue. Fresquez admits there was an offer in place, yet nothing is even remotely close to being official at the moment.

"We're not going to say that now ... we're going to see what the doctors say ... we're happy with Legacy, they've done great for us. We're just gonna see."

As for what he thought about White's scathing reaction?

"I really don't want to comment on that ... I can't control what Dana says. My job is to represent Holly."

Holm doesn't bite either, focusing on her arm more than anything at the moment:

"I feel like I just want to sit down, see what doors will be open and where to go from here ... I want to definitely take care of my arm first."

Money talks.

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