Best Seasons of TUF, Continued

Here I am again, without issues for the best TUFS of all time.

So far we have

18. TUF 16

17. TUF 2

16. TUF 9

15. TUF 4

14. TUF 16

13. TUF 13

12. TUF 12

the remaining........

#11 TUF 10 HW's Coaches: Rashad Evans/Rampage Jackson

Winner: Roy Nelson

A lot of people I have talked to did not like this TUF, however everyone I've talked to watched every episode. I think that's why I put this season higher than it should be, it was very intriguing, fans were treated to the first ever solo HW season, with real heavyweights, it was an intense coaching rivalry and come on, we all wanted to see how Kevin Ferguson would do. Looking back there were some pretty good fights and some funny moments in the house, plus in a fledgling HW division, we still have 3 dudes from the show in the UFC. But overall it was a pretty bad season after the fact, there was just soo much hype.

#10 TUF 8 LW's/LHW's Coaches: Big Nog/Frank Mir

Winners: Efrain Escudero and Ryan Bader

I actually like this season a lot, it was fun to watch, there was nothing truly significant about this season which is why it isn't higher on the list, but there was a bunch of good tv. There were two highly competitive fields in both LW and LHW with nice clashes of styles, good coaching, some funny moments and....drum roll please the most obnoxious, mentally stunned alky who ever graced the octagon, JAB, even Julian Lane really doesn't have anything on Junie, or Leben. He was in a class of his own, and he actually flashed some alright skills.

#9 TUF 17 MW's Coaches: Jones/Sonnen

Winner: Kelvin Gastelum

I like a good underdog story and I wanted Uriah Hall to go down for some reason, probably because Dana hyped him so hard and I absolutely hate how he says someone is nasty. I liked the more candid interviews and I honestly thought the show had some solid coaching even though everyone knew JJ was gunna win the fight. The field was solid with 8 guys getting contracts and a few darkhorse candidates out there for top 15. I think Kelvin Gastelum is a beast and he could be the best TUF champion since Rashad Evans, but he is in a very deep division, we'll see. Chael Sonnen was a great coach and Jones did well. Last but not least there were some really good fights, a few battles, some domination and the best KO of all time.

#8 TUF 18 BW's Coaches: Tate/Rousey

Winners: Men,-Chris Holdsworth Women-Juliana Pena

OK, so this season wasn't that good, we saw how much of a fucking brat Rowdy Ronda is and there wasn't much competition amongst the men, and 2 assholes missed weight, blah bah. But the significance is huge, I have a giant soft spot for women's MMA (I have an aunt who boxed) and to be a woman and try to earn a living fighting is admirable. Liz Carmouche fought for the world title and the rumor is, she bought living room furniture with her winnings, she didn't have that trying to be a pro fighter. Anyway, I truly believe the girls deserved the exposure, and I thought they presented themselves very good as professionals and we got some pretty decent fights with a few finishes.

#7 TUF 3 MW's/LHW's Coaches: Shamrock/Ortiz

Winners: LHW-Michael Bisping, MW-Kendall Grove

I believe this was the best coaching rivalry of all seasons, Coach Ortiz out-shinned and out classed Shammy at every turn, in fact Ken is the worst coach by a far margin of all time. Tito really impressed me, he should be a coach somewhere. The MW field was very competitive and I never thought Grove would win. Bisping cruised through and finished every opponent, I just wish Hammil never got hurt during the show, so we could have seen the real fight at the finals, oh well LIP Hammer. This season was fun to watch and I thought all the fights were really good especially the finale.

#6 TUF 15 LW's Coaches: Cruz/Faber

Winner: Michael Chiesa

This season had two of my favorite things in MMA, the lightweights and a good underdog story. Oh boy did it have an underdog story, you cant write Chiesas run on TUF, before his elimination fight he tells his dad, "this ones for you" or something similar, then he grits out some damn impressive comeback wins, especially his Lawrence fight. I thought the cast had a lot of diverse skill sets and we witnessed some good fights. The talent was higher than that of previous TUFS as evidenced by the 10 guys who were signed after the taping and I actually really liked the live taping and actual fights every Friday, which if there was a knock on this season, it was that it was on Fridays.

#5 TUF 11 MW's Coaches: Liddell/Ortiz

Winner: Court McGee

If you liked season 3, which I did, then this season was kinda like season 3 on steroids. The field of MW's was highly competitive and one of the few seasons where it seemed like almost anyone could have won. Both coaches did a very good job and I liked how Liddell assessed his talent in the fighter picks. This season was the first to offer an elimination fight and allow for two more guys who were eliminated to fight to get back into the tournament, which played out perfectly because Court Mcgee was eliminated and fought back hard to win the finale. There was some serious talent, and it sucks Kris McKray faded out, I thought he was a lot better on the show than what he showed in the UFC, and does anyone know what happened to Rich Antonitto?

#4 TUF 5 LW's Coaches: Penn/Pulver

Winner: Nate Diaz

Besides the number 1 season on this list, which should be fairly obvious, the top 3 were very hard to distinguish between which was better. This season was loaded with talent, it had a lot of significance in that it rejuvenated the LW division, the coaching was awesome, with a ton of funny moments and it had some good fights, in my mind the only knock on the season was that it didn't have an elimination round, which would have made it even better. I'm also sure this was the only season to actually show a full on street fight. Even though the season ended 7 years ago, there are still 6 guys currently fighting for the UFC and 3 of them fighting for world titles, that's amazing.

#3 TUF 7 MW's Coaches: Griffin/Jackson

Winner: Amir Sadollah

I thought this season was awesome, I thought it was so badass in the first episode when they brought in 32 guys and had them duke it out just to get in, and right off the bat there were 13 finishes out of 16 fights. There was an excellent mix of styles and a wide gap in experience in many cases. Of course i'm biased towards a good underdog story and for the first time we saw the scrawniest most un assuming dude win the show ever, it stinks he hasn't done much in the UFC, let me recap who he beat on the show, Steve Byrnes (ex-ufc fighter), Gerald Harris (ex ufc fighter an still having a decent career), Matt Motherfucking Brown, need I saw more, C.B. Dollawayx2 should be on a 4 fight winning streak.

#2 TUF 14 FW's/BW's Coaches: Miller/Bisping

Winners: BW-John Dodson, FW-Diego Brandao

This is actually my favorite season of all time, it's just not number one because there wasn't anything significant about it, except the fact that it was the first FW/BW season, which produced some amazing fights. The coaching rivalry was really good and it had a lot of funny moments. The talent was huge in this season with 11 guys still fighting for the promotion and 2 getting title shots. There were a bunch of characters on this season and I thought the stories that unfolded were really good, a lot of what Brandao said was crazy and interesting. The rivalries that took place amongst the fighters were some of the best also.

#1 TUF 1 MW's/LHW's Coaches: Couture/Liddell

What can I say, it started it all, drama, good fights, rivalries, likeable characters and above all, look at the significance. It was the catalyst to the machine that is the Dana White Show, I mean UFC. Plus look at all the fighters who became faces of the UFC. Forrest Griffin won a world title and earned it.

That's it folks, let me know your favorites

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