Royce Gracie: Eddie Bravo's 'endorsement of drugs' is 'disrespectful' to jiu-jitsu, real reason behind Metamoris spat

Esther Lin

Royce Gracie says the real reason he stepped to Eddie Bravo at Metamoris 3 last month in Los Angeles, California, was because he doesn't agree with his endorsement of drugs. Something Royce insists gives jiu-jitsu a black eye.

After Eddie Bravo and Royler Gracie fought to a draw during their 20-minute war at "Metamoris 3" last month, Bravo found himself face-to-face with another member of the legendary family.

Royce Gracie.

During a brief backstage confrontation, Royce stepped to Bravo, claiming that he was badmouthing the Gracie family. A claim Bravo vehemently denies.

Furthermore, Bravo revealed that one of the reasons Royce was very upset, was due to the fact that Royler didn't get the victory at Metamrois 3, seeing as how -- in Royce's view -- he "dominated" the match.

But speaking to "Submission Radio," Gracie set the record straight and reveals that the confrontation had nothing to do with the outcome of Metamoris 3 or Eddie's alleged comments toward his family.

It all boils down to Royce not approving of Bravo's open endorsement of drugs. Something Gracie says is disrespectful to the art his father created.

His words:

"I did what every man should do when he has an issue with a person, talk face-to-face. I don't approve what he represents, you see it's nothing to do with the match with Royler, it's nothing to do with what with his jiu-jitsu. It's what he endorses, I don't approve it. It's disrespectful toward the art of what my father created. We teach kids, so I don't endorse alcohol and I don't endorse drugs. My issue with him is simple. I don't like because he endorses (drugs). It's nothing to do with (which) jiu-jitsu he uses, gi (or) no gi, it's because of what he endorses. We teach kids. His message out there is 'it's okay for you to do drugs.' I don't care (if) you say it was prescription drugs, well get a pound of pot and walk into a police station. You gonna get arrested. Once the guy endorses pot and endorses drinking, to me that's wrong because I have kids, too. I don't want my kids involved with pot and I don't want my kids drinking and I did what every man should do if you have a problem, talk face-to-face with the person. What did he do? (Eddie Bravo) went to the internet saying 'Oh my god I saw Royce trying to kick my ass, ohhh he wants to beat me up, poor me.'"

As far as the rumor that he challenged Bravo to a mixed martial arts (MMA) fight, Royce said it's simply not true, instead blaming the media for instigating.

He explains:

"I never challenged him to an MMA fight. You guys are the ones that came up, you the media, that came up and said 'Do you wanna do a match with him?' I have no interest in doing a match with him unless he's MMA. I'm an MMA fighter. Yes, I do jiu-jitsu for a living. My jiu-jitsu is with the gi. It's the real style of jiu-jitsu, it's with the gi and I fight MMA."

Sorry, folks, but that's one fantasy fight that will remain locked in your dreams.

Now that you've heard from Royce himself, do you agree with his decision to confront Bravo about his extracurricular activities?

And is Bravo's support of marijuana affecting the sport of jiu-jitsu?

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