TAP! EA Sports UFC creative director breaks down submission dynamics

EA Sports

A big question heading into EA Sports UFC -- which will be the promotion's debut with the sports gaming giant -- is how the submission game will come into play. Time to go directly to the source.

The most frustrating aspect about the UFC "Undisputed" video game franchise was getting caught in a submission.

Not because gamers wanted to be in for an easy ride -- it was simply impossible to escape a hold once it was applied. If you were facing the CPU, no matter what moment it was in the fight, you were doomed. The end result had you spinning your joystick uncontrollably, sweating, and eventually tapping out -- before throwing the integral piece of your console across the room in a violent rage.

Apparently, video game enthusiasts will be in for a surprise with EA Sports UFC, which is set for a release sometime this spring.

Speaking directly to Sherdog.com about the submission dynamics, EA Sports UFC creative director Brian Hayes sheds some light on the improvements, which are based on two core principles:

"We are doing some new things and some different things than fans have seen in the past. Our submission system involves an onscreen mini-game ... One, the person you're trying to submit is rarely interested in letting you make progress towards your goal of making them tap. In real jiu-jitsu they're looking to move in a way that will alleviate pressure and make it possible to escape. In our game, they have the ability to try and escape by pushing the right stick up, down, left or right. You'll be able to see where they are trying to escape and how close they are to escaping. You can push your right stick in the same direction to lock them down, but they can instantly move in another direction.

Two, there's an element of timing to sinking a submission in deeper. You have to be ready to react when the opening presents itself. Whether it's sliding a forearm under your opponent's chin, or tucking your foot behind your knee in a triangle. This comes in the form of an onscreen prompt to flick your left stick up, down, left or right. Every submission has multiple moves that must be executed before it's locked in 100-percent and each time you advance a move, the defender goes back to square one trying to escape."

Seems pretty clear.

The previews already have fans talking, and if you want to see the submission game in action, check out Ronda Rousey slap an armbar on Miesha Tate or Chris Weidman submit Lyoto Machida here.

In the meantime, check out what your favorite UFC fighters are going to look like here, here, here and here.

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