Game of Thrones Season 4, Episode 4-"Oathkeeper"



Big changes this week in the world of Game of Thrones!

We open with Grey Worm and Missandei having a lesson on the Common Tongue. They discuss their past lives a bit before Daenerys beckons Grey Worms, saying "it's time." That night, Grey Worm leads a group of Unsullied into the sewers of Meereen to infiltrate the city. Inside the walls, the group meet with a gathering of slaves. They arm the slaves and urge them to overthrow the Masters, who they outnumber 3-1. A bit later, one of the Masters walk through the city. He is ambushed by the revolting slaves as the Targaryen banner is hung from the harpy statue. As Daenerys looks over the captured Masters. She decides to repay them for what did to 163 children on the way to Meereen, and has them nailed to the mile markers leading to the city. Barristan tries to convince her to be merciful, but Dany will have none of it.

In King's Landing, Bronn and Jaime continue sparring in an attempt to sharpen Jaime's skills. Bronn pulls a dirty trick and knocks Jaime down with his own prosthetic hand, asking if he wants to fight pretty or if he wants to win. Jaime asks him if he thinks Tyrion is guilty, to which Bronn says he doesn't. He asks Jaime why he hasn't seen Tyrion yet, and tells him how Tyrion chose Jaime for his champion at the Eyrie because he knew he would fight for him.

Taking the hint, Jaime goes to see Tyrion. Tyrion has no doubt that the coming trial will be rigged against him. He says that even if the killer confessed, he would be found guilty. He also asks Jaime to help him escape, but is turned down.

Elsewhere, Olenna and Margery are in their "tedious" gardens discussing the future. Margaery doesn't even know if she is still in line for Queen. Olenna stresses the need to win Tommen over before Cersei is able to do the same. She also reveals that she knows Tyrion is innocent, because it was her that poisoned the king.

In Cersei's quarters, Jaime is questioned as to how many Kingsguard are outside Tommen's door. She is not very happy to find out there is only one standing guard after what happened to Joffrey. She wants Jaime to find Sansa and bring her back, since he was willing to make the same vow for their enemy Catelyn Stark.

It turns out that Cersei was right to worry, as Margaery gets past Ser Boros quite easily to enter Tommen's quarters. She begins to woo the boy, from trying to exchange secrets to admiring his cat, Ser Pounce. She doesn't see Tommen as a cruel person like Joffrey, and tells him she is happy for that before asking to visit him again.

Brienne is reading Jaime's history in the Kingsguard's book, noting how there is not much there. Jaime wants to improve his entry as well, and gives her his Valyrian steel sword, which she names "Oathkeeper". He wants her to find Sansa Stark and get her somewhere safe, and also has two other gifts for her. The first is a shiny new set of platemail, and the second is the unequalled Podrick Payne. Brienne doesn't want a squire to slow her down, but Jaime insists. Bronn gives Pod the axe that Tyrion used on the Blackwater, and the two are off to find the lost Stark heiress.

On Littlefinger's ship, Sansa asks where they're going. It's revealed they're going to the Eyrie, where Littlefinger plans to marry Lysa Arryn. Sansa thinks Littlefinger killed Joffrey, with help from Ser Dontos. Littlefinger then reveals that Sansa herself was a major player in the assassination by way of her fake antique necklace. She doesn't believe him, but he'll do anything to get what he wants. He says his new friends, the Tyrells, are now more useful than his old friends, the Lannisters.

At Castle Black, Jon is teaching new recruits, including newly-arrived and experienced swordsman Locke, how to disarm the dual-wielding wildlings before Ser Alliser crashes the party. He eggs on Jon, telling him to give him an excuse to kill him, but Jon doesn't take the bait. Janos Slynt thinks that people will side with Jon eventually, and urges him to let Jon go to Craster's so he'll be killed. Meanwhile, Locke plants the seeds of friendship with Jon.

Later, Sam is worried about Gilly now that he knows wildlings are south of the Wall, and Jon knows how he feels. It's revealed that Sam told him of Bran's journey to the three-eyed crow. At dinner, Ser Alliser tells Jon he will allow him to march North, but he can only take volunteers. Thorne hopes no one will agree and Jon will be killed when he arrives at the Keep. However, Grenn, Dolorous Edd and others including Locke agree to join him after Jon's rousing speech.

At Craster's, Karl has taken over, drinking from Mormont's skull and ordering Rast around. One of the Craster's women brings him a baby, and Karl decides to offer it to the White Walkers like Craster used to. He orders Rast to take the baby, and also to feed the "beast". Rast leaves the baby in the middle of the forest and proceeds to complete his second task. It turns out the aforementioned "beast" is none other than Ghost, who the mutineers have locked up.

Nearby, Bran and company hear the crying baby, so Bran wargs into Summer to investigate. In Summer's skin, he finds the Keep and sees Ghost in his cage before being caught in a trap. The group sneak up on the former black brothers, and Meera realizes they must have deserted. Before they can leave, they are discovered. As they are brought before Karl, Bran is recognized as highborn due to his expensive clothing. Before long, Bran reveals how he is after Meera is threatened and Jojen has a seizure. Rast recognizes the name and tells Karl he's Jon Snow's brother.

Elsewhere in the North, a lone White Walker rides a dead horse, a bundle in his arms. The blue-eyed monster takes the now-silent baby to a pillar of ice surrounded by ten ice spires. Those spires are themselves surrounded by a ring of White Walkers, on of which walks to the baby. The creature place a finger on the baby's cheek as his eyes turn from brown to blue.

Okay, so this episode had without a doubt more changes from the book than any previous episode in the series. I'll go into those changes a bit more with some spoiler text in the comments. That being said, I like most of the changes, and this episode definitely moved a bit faster than last week's.

Next week: Dany weighs attacking King's Landing, Tommen is crowned, Sansa and Littlefinger arrive at the Eyrie, Arya stabs the Hound and The Night's Watch gets a little revenge.

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