MKL Round 7 results.



to the results for season 4, round 7.

Well, have to say, that was a very entertaining event and what a better way to start an event than with a flying knee knock-out followed by Castillo's 6 foot punch knock-out. Some great subs in between and finishing on an mma clinic from the methodical Jones. A dominant victory which helped the cause of Shivan to nick top spot from the valiant efforts of VHW and Trip.

Event Winner

As previously stated, Shivan has shown his killer instinct once again this season by taking the maximum points available for the 2nd time this season. My season bet nemesis has now clawed his way back into title contention, and is within swiping distance of the top. Currently crouching in 3rd, he's ready to pounce for the overall top spot. Puns for days lads, puns for daays!

With a very handy average of 91 points per fighter, here's how Shivan took home the prize asset of 25 points:


Well done. Very well done.

Top 10 for round 6:

Shiv with the important 25 and now in serious title contention.

VHW and Trip sharing 2nd and 3rd for their own title chasing 18 points.

Aussie staying relevant and in contention with 13.

A nice 10 for Boss to show some respectability.

I'm happy to score any points, 8 for me.

Mr G, Ninja*, Snake and Joben collecting the rest of the points available.

*Ninja loves scoring 4 points. It's kind of weird.


League standings:

Trip is now our new leader.

Aussie drops from the top spot, but only 4 points behind.

Shivan moves up from 4th and closes the gap immensely.

Snake drops 1 place, but still relevant.

VHW jumps up to 5th to have a say in the title race.

Phase and Ninja left with the only serious outside chances.

Still, with 3 events left to go, the landscape can still change.


Event winners

  • Round 1: Shivan
  • Round 2: Ninja
  • Round 3: Aussie
  • Round 4: Phase
  • Round 5: Aussie
  • Round 6: Trip
  • Round 7: Shivan


UFC Fight Night 40

Brown v Silva

May 10th, 2014

2 weeks break now lads.

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