Glover Texiera and the lack of Gunting

Despite the UFC's marketing machine doing its best to convince us that Glover Texiera was Jon Jones' biggest and most dangerous test to date (again), those of us that actually pay attention knew better. Yes, Glover was on a 20 fight win streak, with 13 of those by way of TKO/KO. He trains with John Hackleman and has the stamp of approval from The Iceman himself, Chuck Liddell - and he hits like a cement truck! So, (with exception to one Hopeful Holly in our Money Pool) why wasn't he given the vote of confidence by those who deem themselves in the know?

Before fight time, reasons ranged from "He's too slow", to "He's one dimensional". Relying heavily on his boxing and rarely being the first to get off a punch, these seem to be fairly accurate assessments. Another common - and equally accurate - reason is the plethora of tools that Jon Jones seems to have at his disposal, and the near perfect use of those tools. But after five rounds of watching Jones take Tex's lunch money, I noticed something about Glover that hadn't been mentioned yet... Fight IQ.

It's a term that helps separate the brawlers from the gifted fighters. It's what makes Ben Henderson punch Nate Diaz in the knee in order to hurt and confuse him. It's what makes Jones torque his opponent's shoulder while clinched just to cause pain, to work toward breaking him down a little at a time.

A simple way Glover could have displayed some fight IQ would have been during one of those instances that Jones decided to rest his hand on Glover's head. The arm extension/face push is great for gauging distance and disrupting the field of view, and it's a tactic often used by many fighters, but rarely as well as Jones - mostly due to an absurd reach.

What seemed so obvious to me, though, and had me screaming at my uncle's tv, was that Jones was leaving his arm open for attack. It sounds a bit retarded, I know. Maybe I've watched too many martial arts movies. There is a move in Filipino Kali called Gunting, in which an attack is focused on the ulnar nerve in the arm. It's a nerve that rests between the bicep and triceps, and is pretty vulnerable to damage. Get a solid hit, and that arm is jelly. Even a glancing blow with just enough dig is a bit of an eye opener. It might make him think twice about putting that arm out there again.

Skip to the 1:14 mark...

Now, I know this video doesn't expressly cover Gunting in the exact sense of the martial art combative, but it shows a simplified (and probably more realistic) version, as well as accurately the kind of pain experienced. If Glover had thought to swing an uppercut at Jones's arm while it rested outstretched before him, he could have taken a tool away from Jon. As it was, well...



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