Cris Cyborg fires back at 'funny' Dana White, unfazed that he's protecting UFC 'paper' champion Ronda Rousey

Esther Lin

We're just a few days out from UFC 172: "Jones vs. Teixeira," yet this feud seems to be the biggest story in the sport.

This isn't going away anytime soon.

The controversy surrounding Ronda Rousey's "it" comments, which include a Canadian clothing apparel company putting a $5,000 bounty on "Rowdy's" head, is just a piece of the puzzle regarding Justino's relationship with UFC.

During media duties in order to promote UFC 172: "Jones vs. Teixeira," which goes down this Saturday night (April 26, 2014) from Baltimore Arena in Baltimore, Maryland, UFC President Dana White addressed those comments and also had choice words for the Brazilian. The UFC boss compared the Brazilian featherweight to "Wanderlei Silva in a dress," after seeing her in person at the World MMA Awards a few months back.

In the world of mixed martial arts (MMA), the best way to end a feud is to have two competitors throw down and settle their beef inside the cage. The observers worldwide have longed for a superfight involving Rousey against "Cyborg," though it hasn't been in the cards. When the promotion bought Strikeforce, Justino wanted no part of the women's bantamweight division, citing health issues.

Managed by former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz, the "Huntington Beach Bad Boy" stepped down from his post because there was no way in hell White was going to do business with his arch nemesis to book a fight between both ladies.

Then, Justino announced her drop to the women's bantamweight division, but the UFC brass wasn't biting.

Still, the war of words has not stopped between both parties -- now including White, as well -- and instead of squashing this feud the old-fashioned way, White remains on the fence when it comes to the former Strikeforce featherweight champion's chances of signing with the promotion because of her past drug use (via MMA Fighting):

"It's not that she's beyond redemption. She's a nightmare in every way, shape or form to bring in as a professional athlete in an organization like this. At the end of the day, it's not worth it in the big picture. It's easy to sit there and go, 'Oh, everybody wants to see that'. She's a 45 pounder, Ronda's a 35 pounder. She said she couldn't make the weight. She's got steroid issues. She's got a lot of issues. That's a lot to take on. But who knows? I'm not saying it could never be done."

You buying it?

Justino definitely brutalized her opponents before getting popped for taking performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs), but there are several fighters under White's employ (like this one) with "steroid issues," and Justino has since been squeaky clean.

Those comments from White, it should be noted, came just hours after he said there was not one fighter in UFC who is taking PEDs.


Nevertheless, "Cyborg" has responded to White's statements and at least she's having fun with them. However, she does think that the UFC women's bantamweight champion has a padded record of her own (via MMA Fighting):

"I thought the comparison was funny. I'm a big fan of Wanderlei Silva, he's a big international idol...I'm not surprised (she wasn't punished) because she's UFC's paper champion. They obviously would never punish her, even because her opponents are handpicked."

At least she knows how to bite back.

Justino is referencing a potential double standard in which UFC punishes certain fighters for stuff like homophobic and transphobic slurs on Twitter, however, Rousey did not face one ounce of punishment for her remarks. To make matters worse, her boss actually defended her by issuing comments of his own.

We've seen superfights fall by the wayside before, although there's still a small glimmer of hope for this one.

Will it ever happen?

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