MKL Round 6



to the results for season 4, round 6. Missed the first few fights as it started earlier than I expected. However, I cant complain too much, as any event that finishes around 3am, as opposed to starting at 3 am, is a good thing. Lots of decisions and a few hype trains derailed. Lots of momentum stopped and we now have a heavyweight title fight finalized. Not too shabby an event. Anyway, as for our own event..

Event Winner

Not content with moving up to 3rd from 8th last event, Trip has now piled on the pressure on Aussie to claim 2nd place and throw his name into the hat for the title himself. Scoring an average of almost 89 points per fighter enabled Trip to shake off the fight from Snake and claim the maximum 25 points on offer.

Here's how he took the 25:

Well done bud, great job.

Top 10 for round 6:

Trip with an all important 25 to force his way into contention.

Snake once again 2nd worth a very handy 20 points.

Oily finally gets off the foot of the table with a respectable showing for 16.

Defending champ Phase still racking up nice points.

Shivan Kitten still steadily scoring ffs.

The rest hoovering up the remaining points.

Jelly finally, fuckin finally, missed out in the points. First time in 17 event I believe.

Letstalk with a miserable night, despite our efforts with the lowest score of the night of 217 and now rock bottom.


League standings:

League leader Aussie actually scored 2 points last night which was enough for him to hold onto top spot. For now..

Trip enhancing his position for a very close 2nd.

Snake continues a steady charge towards the top.

Shiv and Phase just 20 points adrift of top spot.


Event winners

  • Round 1: Shivan
  • Round 2: Ninja
  • Round 3: Aussie
  • Round 4: Phase
  • Round 5: Aussie
  • Round 6: Trip


UFC 172: Jones vs. Teixeira

Season event 7 of 10

The return of Oily's bum chum Isaac Vallie-Flagg

April 26, 2014

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