MKL Round 5 Mid-Season Results



to the results for season 4, round 5.

Cant really say that I didn't enjoy that event. It wasn't as bad as I was expecting tbh, although that borin cunt Ranger Pup cant fuck right off. We had 2 new TUF champions, one of which I'm sure if he continues to fight like he did last night, he may actually have a future in the UFC. Theoredou looked damn good and well, the other fella, already forgot who he is. All in all, for a TUF Nations, it really was a tough night for the Aussies. They truly had a poor showing.

However, not all the Aussies were losers last night...

Event Winner

Saving some national pride was none other than our very own Aussie. Scoring a nice average of 91.5 points per fighter, Aussie has once again takin the maximum points. He has now managed 2 top spot finishes and at the mid-way point of the season, is starting to open up a nice lead for himself.

With 457.5 points, here's how he got the job done:


Congrats, great job!!

Top 10 for round 5:

Aussie literally came from nowhere to nick top spot off Snake by just 2.5 points.

Trip with a handy table changing 16 points

Jelly as always scoring with 428 points matching Shivan to share the spoils for 11.5 each

Phase staying in touch with 8 points.

Agar and Ninja both scoring 400 to share the points worth 5 each

Joben and VHW round up the remaining points available


League standings:

Unlike his counterparts last night, Aussie showed no signs of pressure by not only holding onto top spot, but by making it a more demanding lead.

Snake was the biggest mover last night moving from 9th to 2nd. Thats how quickly things can change folks.

Trip also with a big leap from 8th to 3rd.

Joben took the biggest hit dropping from 4th to 10th.


Event winners

  • Round 1: Shivan
  • Round 2: Ninja
  • Round 3: Aussie
  • Round 4: Phase
  • Round5: Aussie


UFC On Fox 11 Season event 6 of 10 Browne v Werdum

Saturday, April 19th, 2014
Orlando, Florida ******This event, is in a 2 days, so the link has already been sent!!*****

Happy fuckin Easter lads, hope to see ye in the Live Threads!!

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