MKL Round 4 results


^^^^^^^^^Finalized prize structure for 17 players!^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


to the results for season 4, round 4. Get home from work to dinner, beer and some live UFC. I could get use to that, but it wont be happenin anytime soon. Unless I moved Stateside, which wont be happenin anytime soon either. Anyway, I enjoyed this event, despite it being a pretty poor card on paper. onto the results:

Event Winner

Averaging almost 103 points per fighter, from 7 fights is a pretty monstrous feat from Phase. Considering people have been winning events from 12 fight cards and averaging barely 75 points per fighter. With 512 points scored, easily the highest score in a long time, the defending champ wasn't fucking around!

Phasebook takes the 25 with this team:


Congrats, great score!!

Top 10 11 for round 4:

Some big scores from players who were in the worse half of the table and are now right back in it. Thats how quick things can change. Especially when the league leader fails to score, more on that later.


Luckily for Aussie, with a new email, he finally got in touch, and got 13 points to take the top spot.

VHW with 8 points moves him up to 3rd whilst Agar scoring a nice 16 points brings him back in the mix.

Phase obviously the biggest winner tonight bringing him back in the mix also.

Jelly scored, again and Oily finally gets on the board.


Ninja relinquishes top spot, by being this events shit-picker. Mind you, it wasn't as bad as Snakes hilarious shit storm last event, but still..

League standings:

We have a new league leader after Ninja's shit performance. Couldn't hack the pressure eh?



TUF Nations Finale: Canada vs Australia Season event 5 of 10

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014
Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
There are some seriously bad mis-matches on this card for fuck sake. But here's to seeing Bisping shut that fuck up Ranger up muppet up!!
******This event, is in a few days, so the link has already been sent!!*****

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