Pacquiao vs Bradley 2 results: Full fight coverage stream LIVE online for HBO PPV main event TONIGHT!

"The Pride of the Philippines," Manny Pacquiao, returns to boxing TONIGHT (Sat., April 12, 2014) against a man who most felt he defeated soundly in their first encounter two years ago, Timothy Bradley, LIVE on HBO pay-per-view (PPV) from MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Get full "Pacquiao vs. Bradley 2" results and live fight coverage right here, RIGHT NOW!

It's finally here!

Boxing's biggest event of 2014 to date goes down tonight (Sat., April 12, 2014) at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, when Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley look to put a definitive stamp on their rivalry after their controversial first meeting back in 2012.

MMAmania will have LIVE coverage of the "Pacquiao vs. Bradley 2" below, starting with the HBO pay-per-view (PPV) broadcast at 9 p.m. ET.

In addition to the main event, in which the WBO Welterweight title Bradley originally lifted from Pacquiao will be at stake, the PPV broadcast will include three more bouts. At lightweight, Raymundo Beltran, last seen being robbed of a win against Ricky Burns, faces Arash Usmanee, who replaces former 130-pound titleholder Roman Martinez on short notice. Five pounds north, unbeatens Khabib Allakhverdiev and Jessie Vargas will battle it out for Allakhverdiev's WBA title.

Finally, prospect Jose Felix Jr. will face veteran Bryan Vazquez.


Welterweight: Manny Pacquiao def. Timothy Bradley by unanimous decision (116-112 x2, 118-110)

Lightweight: Raymundo Beltran def. Arash Usmanee by unanimous decision (118-110, 117-111 x2)

Light Welterweight: Jessie Vargas def. Khabib Allakhverdiev by unanimous decision (115-113, 117-111)

Super Featherweight: Bryan Vasquez def. Jose Felix, Jr. by unanimous decision (117-110, 114-113 x2)


Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley

Round one: Manny lands a left to the body and one up top. Bradley plants a right to the body in response. Lead left from Manny connects. Bradley again prods the body. One minute in. Manny with the straight to the gut. Lead right by Bradley hits home. Manny lead left lands. Uppercut connects as Bradley ducks. One minute to go. Bradley with a right downstairs, avoids a Manny charge and tries to respond. Bradley with another right downstairs. Again. Bradley puts two more in Manny's body, but takes a straight upstairs right at the bell. 10-9 Bradley.

Round two: Bradley on the attack early, nothing lands clean. Manny lands a glancing right hook at the end of a combo. Clinch. One minute in. Manny with another combination, no clean contact. Big one-two by Manny does hit home. Another big left hand hits home. Bradley backs him off with an overhand right. Manny pursues, connects with the left. Bradley ties him up and digs to the body. Good right hand by Bradley. Another right lands. One minute left. Bradley extremely aggressive compared to last time. Manny lands a counter right hook as Tim advances. Ten seconds. Closer round. 20-18 Bradley.

Round three: Lead right by Bradley. Manny connects with the lead left and right hook. Bradley counters a left with a right downstairs. Lead right hook connects for Manny. Manny firing off combinations. landing his right hook in places. One minute in. Bradley throwing to the body. Right hand up top. Bradley firing wide punches to the head and body. Another right hand upstairs. One-two from Manny, then a lead left. Another right by Bradley. Bradley continues to land to the body, Manny answering in kind. Great exchanges. One minute to go. Bradley. Bradley econtinues with rights downstairs. Manny firing combinations and connecting. Hard left hand connects with Bradley's face. Big right hands to the body form Bradley before the bell. Damn close fight. 29-28 Bradley.

Round four: Bradley drives a right into the body and clinches. Manny lands a right hook. Manny lands a jab at the end of a combination, Bradley again enters behind heavy punches. One minute in. Lead right by Bradley. Lead left from Manny. Counter right hook. BIG right hand by Bradley stumbles Pacquiao briefly. One minute left. Manny puts to hard left hands into Bradley's body. Good rights by Manny, Bradley continues his pursuit. Lead left by Manny, left hand and overhand right by Bradley. This is a damn hard fight to score. 39-37 Bradley.

Round five: As an aside, this is a very hard fight to score. I'm not watching in great quality, so it's hard to tell what is and isn't landing at this speed. Take my scores with a grain of salt.

Bradley keeps moving forward. Manny cracks him with a short right near the corner. One-two form Manny. Bradley with a couple body shots. Three-piece from Manny. One minute in. Manny's the one moving forward now. Clinch. Counter right hook by Manny glances off. Lead left lands well. Lead right by Bradley and he narrowly misses an overhand. Right hand does connect at the minute mark. Another counter overhand. Manny firing lefts to the body. Manny narrowly misses a four-piece combo near the bell. Bradley spends the last twenty minutes with his hands down. 48-47 Bradley.

Round six: Bradley pushes Manny to the ropes, lands a right to the body. Short right hand from Bradley as they both advance. Bradley digs a left hook downstairs. A minute in and Manny has yet to really throw. Good exchange. One-two glances off Bradley's head. Now Manny's throwing combinations. Good left hand; Bradley tries to taunt his way through it but does eat a couple. Manny avoiding Bradley's punches better. Lead left by Manny. Left from Bradley, Manny throws and exits the ropes. One minute left. Bradley connects with a short left hook. Good combination by Manny with Bradley against the ropes. Again, Bradley taunts his way through it. Punches did get through, though. Round ends. 57-57.

Round seven: Bradley moves in with punches, can't land clean. Couple body shots getting through. Left hand lands for Many 45 seconds in. Good on-two. Left hand lands in a three-punch combo. One minute in. Good combination by Pacquiao. Manny's accuracy and defense both seem to be improving. Bradley digs to the body, MAnny firing back as he does so. Lead left by Manny, right by Bradley. One-two lands for Pac-Man. One minute left. Another lead left. One-two. Right hook lands and Manny opens up on Bradley against the ropes. Tim ties up. Tim waving Manny on as Manny unloads against the ropes. Manny connecting with combinations near the end of the round. Tim trying to look good but spending too much time not throwing anything. 67-66 Pacquiao.

Round eight: Round starts slow. Manny advancing. Bradley throws a cross counter. One minute in. Stiff jab by Bradley. Good left hand by Manny, Tim taunts him again. Wide left hand by Pac-Man. Manny unloads briefly on the ropes. Good jab by Manny. One minute to go. Tim whiffs on a right hand and continues trying to showboat. One-two by Manny, Bradley clinches. Bradley tries a three-piece, no clean connection. Manny with a left. MAnny pops him with a jab before the bell. 77-75 Pacquiao.

Round nine: Bradley connects with a left hand following a missed right. Stiff jab by Manny. Clinch. Bradley trips. One minute in. Manny lands a right hook and Bradley again trips before tying up. Bradley is having much less success moving backwards than moving forwards. Manny winging one-twos, not great accuracy. Manny unloading again on the ropes and landing. Bradley's hurling the occasional counter and making contact. One minute left. Good combo by Manny, Bradley lands a right hand during it. Lead left by Manny lands. Both land jabs. Lead left from Manny and then one as Bradley makes distance. One-two by Manny lands before the bell. 87-84 Pacquiao.

Round ten: Bradley moving forward early, throwing in combination. Manny lands a right hook, takes a jab. Clinch. Overhand right from Bradley bounces off. Clinch. One minute in. One-two form Manny lands. Good right hook by Pac-Man. Good jab. Bradley misses badly on a lead right. Double jab from Manny. Right hook lands. Good one-two from Manny and another soon after. Four-shot combination, all land. Hard left hand connects. Bradley retaliates with wide left hooks but continues to take punches. Forty-five to go. 1-2-1 by Manny, Bradley left hook. Right hand by Bradley, then one on the counter. Solid combination from Pacquiao around the ten-second mark. Manny has taken over this fight. 97-93 Pacquiao.

Round eleven: Stiff jabs from both. Thirty seconds in, not much action. Bradley connects on an overhand right. Good combination again by Manny, Tim ties him up. One minute in. Bradley jabbing. Good jab by Manny when Bradley is off balance. Bradley ducks a lead left. Both land their power hands. One minute left. Manny avoids a three-punch combo. Good check hook by Bradley. Manny retaliates with another big one-two. Hard counter right from Bradley, Manny whacks him with a left to start a combination. Round ends with Manny pursuing Bradley. 107-102 Pacquiao.

Round twelve: Good one-two from Manny. Good jab. Quick exchange. Bradley stalks forward and lands to the body. Manny cracks Bradley with a big left hand and continues landing with both hands against the ropes. One minute in. Left by Manny at close range. Lead left connects. One-two lands. Good right by Bradley. Manny cracks him with some big shots near the ropes, Bradley roars out with punches before tying up. One minute left. Manny ducks a wild overhand. Bradley lands two wide hooks to the head. Bradley to the body, takes a couple left hands for his trouble. Thirty seconds. Head contact opens up a cut on Pacquiao, which pauses the action. Ten seconds left. Bradley in mad pursuit, eats counters at the bell. 117-111 Pacquiao.

Final result: Pacquiao def. Bradley by unanimous decision


Raymundo Beltran vs. Arash Usmanee

Round one: Beltran moving forward. Arash active on the back foot, lands to the body and head thirty seconds in. Overhand right connects and he avoids retaliation from Beltran. Minute in. Right to the body by Usmanee. Right up top and another. Usmanee prodding the body. Good counter cross upstairs. Beltran narrowly misses a left hook upstairs. One minute to go. Beltran lands a left hook, gets Usmanee briefly to the ropes but cannot capitalize. Right downstairs form Usmanee and another. Good jabs. Beltran slams home a hook to the body. 1-1-2 by Usmanee, who eats a left hook at the bell. 10-9 Usmanee.

Round two: Both men trading jabs early. Arash digs a right to the body and chases Beltran with combinations. Good right hand upstairs and left to the body. Minute in. Beltran rips to the body as well. Left hook connects. Usmanee flicking out punches, starting to take more hooks and straights form Beltran. One-two connects for Usmanee. One minute to go. Usmanee cracks him with a right, eats a left hook. Left to the body, though Usmanee is much more active. Beltran jabs the body. Big right hand at the ten second mark by Beltran. Usmanee connects with a left hook and right at the bell. 19-19.

Round three: Beltran puts a right in Usmanee's gut. Usmanee jabbing to the body. Clinch. Usmanee finding success behind the jab. Hard right from Beltran near the ropes. Minute in. Right hand on the exit by Usmanee. Beltran gets him to the ropes and gets tied up. Left hook connects. Brief technical difficulties mean I miss the next minute or so, but the commentators say Usmanee did well. Beltran backs him to the ropes, lands to the body. One-two by Beltran,left downstairs. Big left hook with twenty seconds to go. Round ends. 29-28 Usmanee.

Round four: Technical difficulties continue and I miss the first two minutes. Announcers like what Beltran's doing, apparently. Minute to go, Beltran landing some hard hooks. Usmanee having trouble getting away form the power and clinches up with twenty seconds left. Clinch. Round ends, 38-38.

Round five: Beltran looking relaxed as he stalks. One-two by Beltran, Arash clinches around thirty seconds in. Usmanee to the body and head at close range. Beltran digs again to the body with his left hook. Clinch. Good one-two fro, Usmanee. Nice combinations. Usmanee circling near the ropes, landing potshots. Beltran with a right to the body, takes a right and left upstairs. Beltran whacks him, gets tied up. Usmanee to the body. Right upstairs from Usmanee. Heavy body blows from Beltran. Usmanee with a combination with thirty seconds to go. Beltran lands a left hook upstairs. One-two and left hook by Beltran before the bell.  48-47 Beltran.

Round six: Usmanee flicking out the jab as Beltran advances. Arash to the body, sneaky left hook up top as part of a combination sequence. Beltran with a hook to the body. Lead right connects. Two minutes to go. Another body hook by Beltran and one upstairs after taking an Usmanee left. Usmanee cracks him with a hook, eats more body blows. Beltran again digs in with his left. Usmanee is landing with volume but not with anywhere near the same force. Usmanee landing the right straight. Chopping right and linch. Nice uppercut by Usmanee, who then eats two straight uppercuts. Left hook by Beltran. Hard body shot. Usmanee with a pair of rights near the ropes, Beltran comes back with some shots. 57-57.

Round seven: Power punches falling short in the first thirty seconds. Nice combination from Usmanee. Great exchange at close range. Beltran digs away to the body and Usmanee clinches a minute in. Body shots form both before Arash clinches. Two-piece combo connects. Good exchange once again. Beltran cracks him with a left hook and gets clinched. One minute left. Lots of clinching, but now Beltran's landing short hooks and uppercuts. Ten seconds to go. More clinching by Usmanee, but a big right before the bell. 67-66 Beltran.

Round eight: Usmanee continues to advance, lands some short punches before clinching. More clinching, both men landing short blows. Beltran to the body. Left hook connects. Clinch. Minute in. Clinch. Left hook from Beltran and a 3-2. Usmanee trading with him and getting the worst of it. Hard left hook and a clinch with eighty seconds to go. Overhand right for Beltran, followed shortly by a left hook. Usmanee with a counter overhand, but taking shots against the ropes. Heavy left hook prompts a clinch. Good left and then rights to the body by Usmanee. Lead right by Beltran and left hook rattle Usmanee. Usmanee getting battered by hooks in the waning seconds, but fires back before the bell. 77-75 Beltran.

Round nine: Usmanee circling, Beltran advancing. Beltran doubles up the left hook to the body. Good left hook as Usmanee circles out. One-two connects. They bounce hooks off each other's jaws before the clinch. two minutes to go. Counter right by Beltran, body shots from Usmanee. Beltran again with the double left to the body. Beltran walking his man down, landing consistently with hooks. Powerful shots in the corner. Usmanee first back with a right upstairs. Hard cross by Usmanee. One minute left. Lead right from Beltran, who eats an overhand in response. Again after Beltran lands a left hook. Both men to the body. Heavy uverhand by Usmanee and a counter right. Left hook by Beltran. Usmanee doing a good job against the ropes but eating some big shots. Round ends. 87-84 Beltran.

Round ten: Neither man landing clean in the opening thirty seconds. Counter right by Beltran. Beltran jabbing more this round. Left hook by Beltran met by a clean counter right hook. Nice hooks by Beltran. 1:40 to go. Usmanee to the body as Beltran advances. Good left hook by Beltran and he briefly goes to work on Usmanee against the ropes. Usmanee circles out with a minute left. Short left hook with thirty seconds left from Beltran. Usmanee clinches. Wide right catches Usmanee. They end the round trading on relatively equal terms. 97-93 Beltran.

Round eleven: Beltran connects with a good left hook thirty seconds in. Usmanee to the body from close range. Usmanee landing off his back foot. He just doesn't have the same power. Beltran now advancing and landing hooks. Usmanee clinches. Usmanee to the body, lands an uppercut but takes hooks to the body and head. Ninety seconds. Beltran just walking through his punches and lands a left up top. Beltran continues to target the body . One minute left. Usmanee's output is low recently and Beltran is landing hard. Now Usmanee first back. Clinch. Beltran lands two good hooks before the bell. 107-102 Beltran.

Round twelve: Usmanee targeting the body, Beltran continuing to retaliate with hooks. Usmanee connecting with uppercuts. Good lead right by Beltran. Usmanee lands a pair of rights. Clinch. One minute in. Usmanee throwing heavy punches and landing pretty well. Body-body-head. Now Beltran retaliates with a similar pattern. Big left hook by Beltran. Usmanee cracks him with a big right hand. Another one. Clinch. Two more big right hands just before the one minute mark. Beltran whacks him with a left. Clinch. Usmanee with two body shots. Beltran lands a heavy right hook, takes another overhand right. Left to the body from Beltran. Counter right and clinch. They exchange some massive hooks at the end. 116-112 Beltran.

Final result: Beltran def. Usmanee by unanimous decision


Khabib Allakhverdiev vs. Jessie Vargas

Round one: Technical difficulties make the first thirty seconds unwatchable, so let's pretend they didn't happen.

Nothing much going on at the moment. Both men flicking out jabs and long punches without real commitment. Good right hand by Vargas, Khabib goes to the body. Vargas lobbing jabs and straights to the body and head. Khabib pushes him back with three punches off the guard. Right to the body by Vargas. Twenty seconds. Vargas puts another right into Khabib's body before the bell. 10-9 Vargas.

Round two: Vargas' lead hand active with jabs and feints. Solid jab snaps Khabib's head back. Khabib lands a good 2-3. One minute in, no big shots yet. Vargas looking to land the right to the body, getting blocked so far. Stiff jab connects, overhand right blocked. More good jabs, Khabib lands a glancing right hook. Another right hook, Vargas digs to the body in response. Lead right hook from Khabib, Vargas clinches. One minute to go. Lead left straight lands, as does a right hook to the body by Khabib. Southpaw one-two lands. Vargas bouncing one-twos off the guard. Vargas to the body and head with left hooks. There's the bell; 20-18 Vargas.

Round three: Vargas with a body hook to start the round. Jab to the body. Khabib lands some jabs, tries a combo. Vargas firing his jab. Clinch just before the two minute mark. Good one-two from Vargas gets through the guard. One-two by Khabib. Vargas clinches, lands some to the body before they separate. Brief tagging with lead hands. Vargas to the body. Lead right. Hook and straight to the body with a minute left. Lead left from Khabib, clinch. Vargas left hook lands. One-two from Khabib. They tie up, Vargas to the body and Khabib to the head. Vargas connects with a good combination before the bell. 30-27 Vargas.

Round four: Jabs early from both sides. Nice lead hook by Vargas, then one to the body. One minute in; nothing getting through the guards. Nice lead left by Khabib; he tries to press the advantage but gets tied up. Vargas slams a couple hooks to the body as they clinch. Khabib uppercut and another near the halfway mark. Right hook connects for Khabib. Jab exchange. Right to the body by Vargas. Vargas with a left downstairs. Good left uppercut connects. Thirty seconds left, Khabib flurries with nothing clean landing. Vargas digs a hook downstairs and right up top as Khabib advances. Vargas lands a straight to the body in the waning seconds. 40-36 Vargas.

Round five: Khabib with a jab to the body. Nice counter hook by Vargas. Vargas jabbing the body and head. Khabib with a right jab, answered with a right straight. One-two to the body from Vargas, left hand by Khabib. One minute in. Khabib connecting with his jab. Good little sequence by Khabib interrupted by a right to the gut. Vargas the superior jabber here. Khabib gets Vargas to the ropes and lands a good combination. Clinch just after the minute mark. Left uppercut from Khabib and now he's doing well backing Vargas up. Vargas digs to the body, takes a hard left hand against the ropes as both fire. Vargas ends the round with a heavy right hand up top. Very close round; 49-46 Vargas.

Round six: Khabib hops in with a right hook, gets clinched. Good lead right hook. Khabib doing well on the front foot. Nice combination from Khabib forty seconds in. Brief exchanges for a while. Khabib pumping his jab. Ninety seconds in. Vargas with a left and right to the body. Quick exchange, Vargas targeting the body. Hard counter straight. One-two downstairs, the n upstairs by Vargas. Khabib with a left to the body, then one upstairs. Vargas to the body. Thirty seconds. Vargas connects with a left uppercut. Another one. Round ends on a Vargas jab; Jessie won back the round in the latter half. 59-55 Vargas

Round seven: Tentative jabbing in the opening thirty seconds. Swatting right hook from Khabib. Counter one-two from Vargas after avoiding a left. Two minutes to go. Vargas lands a good right hand to the body, lands upstairs while taking body shots. Ninety seconds in. Good lead left by Khabib, who then takes a right to the body and left upstairs. Vargas again with a right to the body with a minute to go. Stiff jab. Khabib swats him with a right hook and left on the exit. Left to the body from Khabib. Hard right hand by Vargas just after the clap. Round ends, 69-64 Vargas.

Round eight: Lead hands flicking out. Right hook by Khabib, Jessie to the body. Another good left uppercut by Vargas and they exchange thirty seconds in. Vargas circling, landing the occasional body blow. Khabib with a counter left. Close range exchange, Khabib roughing him up a bit around ninety seconds in. Good lefts by Khabib, another heavy left uppercut from Vargas. Vargas puts a hard right to Khabib's body. Stiff right in return. Right hook and left by Khabib, who's pressing the action in the third minute. Accidental headbutt opens a cut on Khabib and pauses the action. Khabib moves Vargas to the ropes and they spend the last fifteen seconds slugging it out. 78-74 Vargas.

Round nine: Vargas puts a left to the body, takes a left to the head. Vargas snaps his head back with jabs, takes a body blow around thirty seconds in. Khabib moves him to the ropes and briefly flurries. Vargas to the body. Two minutes to go. Clinch. Khabib digs a right hook to the body. Fast punch exchange at 1:40. They continue with technical exchanges. They pause to check the cut. One minute to go and they slug it out to the body and head. Vargas cracks him with a one-two as they disengage. Big one-two from Khabib gets Vargas' attention. Vargas ducks a left and ties up. Counter left hook by Vargas . Round ends; 87-84 Vargas.

Round ten: Vargas digs two hard hooks into Khabib's body. Khabib exits a clinch with a left downstairs. Thirty seconds in, right to the body by Vargas. Vargas backed to the ropes, they trade. Vargas pursues with a sequence of body shots. Left uppercut lands. Khabib continues to move methodically forward. Cargas on point with t he jab, ptus a right in his gut. Ninety seconds to go. Left hand by Khabib, counter lefts by Vargas. Good jab by Khabib with just under a minute to go. Right jab, clinch. Good exchange in center right. Khabib cracks him with a right hook and starts throwing a landing combinations. Vargas throwing back, not backing Khabib off. Right uppercut by Khabib. Vargas whacks him with a left around the ten second mark. There's the bell. 96-94 Vargas.

Round eleven: Clinch twenty seconds in. Vargas digs to the body as Khabib exits, then repeats as the Russian presses forward. One minute in, Vargas flicking the jab. Khabib doing well to answer with his own jab and straight left. Clinch. Vargas puts a right into Khabib's body at the ninety second mark. Vargas potshotting the body, Khabib still pressing forward. Good counter flurry by Khabib with around fifty seconds left. Vargas responds to the body. Clinch. Clinch and some phonebooth fighting. Good exchanges in the last twenty seconds. Close round. 105-104 Vargas.

Round twelve: Good body shots by Vargas, Khabib landing his right hook. Khabib opening up on him, Vargas maintaining return fire. Left hook to the body from Vargas, Khabib answers in kind. Vargas briefly backed to the ropes, keeps punching. Two minutes to go. Vargas with a counter left to the body. Right hook by Khabib, body blows from Vargas. More body blows, Khabib connects with rights to the head. Another right lands and Vargas clinches. Good exchanges in center ring. Minute to go. Hard left hand by Khabib, who proceeds with the combination. Hard left by Khabib. They're going tit for tat. Vargas continues to work the body, Khabib connecting with his right hook. Vargas ends the fight landing to the body. 114-114.

Final result: Vargas def. Allakhverdiev by unanimous decision


Jose Felix, Jr. vs. Bryan Vasquez

Round one: Jabbing early. Good right and left from Vasquez, ending with a body shot. Good triple jab by Felix. Right hand from Felix and another hard jab as Vasquez advances. One minute in. Big counter right, followed by a left hook. They tie up against the ropes. Vasquez moves in with some solid hooks. Felix cracks him with a right with a minute left. Counter hook by Felix; both men land well as Vazquez forces him into the corner. Tie up and a slip by Felix. Vasquez pushes him into the ropes and fires off a flurry to end the round. 10-9 Felix.

Round two: Solid 1-1-2 from Felix. Vasquez digs a right to the body and forces him into the ropes with a right hand. Good cross and overhand by Felix, Vasquez advances with hooks. They trade hard body shots with Felix in the corner. Minute in. Both men jabbing well. Vasquez digs away against the ropes halfway through the round; Felix fires back, eats a big left up top. Vicious punches with Felix against the ropes, both men scoring well. One minute to go. Vasquez tags the body as Felix ties up. Good cross be Felix, both men whiff as Vasquez tries to work Felix in the corner. Round ends with some brief exchanges. 19-19.

Round three: Felix jabbing the body. Both men narrowly miss with right hands. Vasquez with a right downstairs. Felix counter cross just misses. Vasquez gets him to the ropes, gets pushed away. Clinch. One minute in. Good body shots by Vasquez, Felix thumps him with one of his own after he disengages. Vasquez stays on him, pushes him to the opposite ropes, and works briefly before getting tied up. Felix to the body. Nice right hands by Vasquez. One minute to go. Felix narrowly misses with a huge right up top, lands a left hook to the body. Right uppercut from Vasquez, who takes a hard left hook in response. Felix digs to the body at the bell. 29-28 Vasquez.

Round four: Felix jabbing the body again to start the round. Limited action in the first forty seconds, then a left hook by Vasquez. Felix lands a left hook. Good right from Felix and a left downstairs. Vasquez cracks him with a hook, straight upstairs, and sequence of body blows against the ropes. One minute left, both men pawing. Another good left to the body by Felix and another. Counter left hook backs Vasquez off. Vasquez works on the ropes but takes as many as he lands. Last few seconds see Vasquez firing against the ropes, then Felix cracks him with a right before the bell. 38-38.

Round five: Felix looks like he's dialing in the counter hook to the body. Doing good work with it.

Vasquez continues to advance, digs in a right to the body after thirty seconds of relative inaction. Nice left hook with Felix in the corner. Solid cross by Vasquez. Right to the body met by a left downstairs from Felix. Halfway through the round. Big 1-2-1 to the head by Felix. Stiff jab and right to the body as we approach the thirty second mark. Felix clinches. They trade inside before the bell. 48-47 Felix.

Round six: Felix jabbing well. Nice 1-1-2 cracks Vasquez. Counter hook connects.Vasquez takes a counter, lands a right to the body. Felix tripped up in the clinch. Minute in. Nice lead right by Felix, Vasquez continues to advance and lands body shots. 1-2 connects for Felix. They trade powerful hooks downstairs. Vasquez slams a few shots downstairs. Exchanging against the ropes; Felix's shots seem to have more heat behind them. Forty-five seconds to go, Vasquez bounces some shots off his guard against the ropes. Vasquez continues moving Felix to the ropes and working from there. 57-57.

Round seven: Vasquez narrowly misses with a right hand. Nice exchange in the corner; Felix gets the better of it. Nice hook exchange as we approach the two minute mark. Big overhand right from Vasquez. He continues to move in and trade powerful body blows with Felix. Clash of heads before the minute mark briefly pauses the action. Good combination by Vasquez. 3-2 connects. Vasquez now working very well with his man on the ropes; Felix landing well when he throws, which seems more sporadic. Twenty seconds. Big left hand. Felix lands left hooks to the body and head to end the round. 67-66 Vasquez.

Round eight: Vasquez still moving forward. Both land well in two quick exchanges thirty seconds in. Triple jab by Felix. Big right cross hits home for him. Vasquez pops him one. Back to sporadic exchanges in center right. Brutal body shots from both men. Felix again looks the heavier puncher of the two. Wide right from Felix lands. Minute to go. Both men jabbing. Vasquez to the body, Felix answers to the head. Vasquez backs Felix up and both rip to the body before the bell. 76-76.

Round nine: More jabbing early. Vasquez fires a combo, narrowly avoids the counter. Limited contact in the first minute. Felix to the body, takes a cross upstairs. More digging to the body. Clinch. Southpaw one-two connects for Vasquez, then a left uppercut as Felix moves in. Felix knees Vasquez in the groin as the clinch continues and the ref takes a point from him. Hard lead right by Felix. Felix jabbing well, not backing Vasquez off. Vasquez gets him to the ropes and lands some combinations, taking a body hook in the process. Hard counter hook from Felix. Vasquez digs to the body as Felix holds on. Great combo at the bell for Bryan. 86-84 Vasquez.

Round ten: Good counter hook by Felix at the thirty second mark. More heavy shots from Felix. Vasquez lands a cross. Felix digs a left to the body, Vasquez continues to advance and the next hook goes low. Back to the action after a short pause. One minute in. Felix working the counter hook well. They tie up and trade in close quarters. Vasquez rushes in with punches. Good overhand right; Felix is countering well but can't back him off. Minute to go. Chiseling blows in the clinch from both. 1-2-3 for Felix, Vasquez sneaks in a hook to the body. Good overhand right by Felix. Body hook met by a right cross to the head. There's the bell. I think Felix landed the better shots this round; 95-94 Vasquez.

Round eleven: No real action in the first thirty seconds. Another clash of heads as Felix misses a lead right. Both look rattled by the headbutt. Felix's jab working well to keep distance so far in this round. Big one-two connects. Another right in an exchange. they trade in close quarters with eighty seconds to go. Vasquez cracks him with a right and they clinch. Felix cornered, takes some short shots. Clinch. Both land short hooks in the clinch. Another clinch. Hard right hand and left hook by Vasquez. 3-2 by Vasquez. Hard body shots before the ten second mark. Vasquez continues to pursue at the bell. 105-103 Vasquez.

Round twelve: Ref pauses the action to sweep some ice away. Hard counter right from Vasquez after the break. Good exchange, Felix cracks him with a left hook. Simultaneous left hooks. Felix on the retreat. He's winging bombs but Vasquez just stays on him. Vasquez just marching forward. Combination against the ropes by Vasquez. They split, Vasquez moves him to the opposite ropes and digs to the body around the halfway point. Felix slams a left hook that looks low, Ref doesn't pause the action. Quick exchange in center ring with a minute left. Vasquez relentless, landing hard shots on the ropes. Felix clinches around the thirty second mark. Felix to the body, Vasquez to the head with left hooks. They end the round trading massive haymakers against the ropes. 115-112 Vasquez.

Final result: Vasquez def. Felix by unanimous decision


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