Best Seasons of TUF

Hello everybody,

Keith Hackneys Mullet here, with my first fan post, I've been around very long, ever since it was fashionable to punch a man in his privates, and I've been looking back on the show that brought the UFC to more greener pastures TUF! Some seasons were good, some were atrocious, I'd like to share my thoughts on the worst to best TUF seasons of all time. My criteria for the list is as follows in no particular order: 1. Good Fights, 2. Spawned UFC competitors, 3. Fun coaching rivalry, 4. Significant events/special moments, 5. Was it interesting/plotlines/characters *No international TUFS are on this list, didn't watch them enough.

Here we go, starting with the shittiest TUF ever:

#18-TUF 16 ww's

Winner: Colten "Tighty Whitey" Smith Coaches: Roy Nelson/Shane Carwin

Wow, this season was garbage, the winner is considered the most boring winner of all time, he humped his way to the contract and was basically a walking military billboard. The characters were boring and every week fans were treated to Julian Lane whining about being able to "bang" The fighters were so bad that only Neil Magny made the roster, the guy who got KTFO by guy ricci and Smith the champ is on a 2 fight skid getting beat up in both. To cap it off Big Country came across as an idiot instead of funny and likeable and Carwin lacked any personality whatsoever. It was a bad season, I am ashamed to have seen any and all episodes, and the coaches never fought.

#17-TUF 2 hw's/ww's

Winners: Joe Stevenson/Rashad Evans Coaches: Matt Hughes/Rich Franklin

The only thing good about this season is Rashad Evans' career thus far in the UFC, that's it, mayyybe the start of Joe Daddy's/Marcus Davis and Melvin Guillard also. This season was filled with disappointments, injuries and a sense that Hughes and Franklin only cared about Stevenson and George Gurgel. The coaches were best friends so there was zero rivalry. The way Hughes treats Von Flue is complete dickery to the core. This season might have been higher on the list but the HW fights were complete garbage and there was nothing that stood out.

#16-TUF 9 lw's/ww's

Winners: Ross Pearson/James Wilkes Coaches: Dan Henderson/Michael Bisping

This season is ranked low because it was just plain blah, nothing really stood out, the Americans got whooped, the coaching rivalry was negated by Dan Henderson's refusal to engage and the only character was a mediocre rocky story involving Frank Lester, who basically got beat up in every fight, even the one that got him in the house. WW champ Wilkes retired after a poor run in the bigs and Pearson is forever a gatekeeper to the LW/FW top 15. Obviously this seasons only saving grace was Hendos knuckle sandwich to Bisping at UFC 100 and some decent fights on the show.

#15-TUF 4 ww's/mw's

Winners: Matt Serra/Travis Lutter Coaches: None

People might give me slack for this season being so low, it actually has a lot of significance. It was a comeback show intended on bringing back ex-UFC fighters who never made it and giving them, not only a chance to get back in the UFC but an immediate title shot. The big kicker, Matt Serra actually achieved what the shows primary goal was and won the title, hell if Travis Lutter made weight and did anything with the mount he had on Silva, this season would be in my top 5. However, the show was very boring, I found Shonie Carter to be annoying and the fights were either vey close or overwhelming blowouts. Plus there was no rivalry at all, Serra and Shonie almost became friends. Nobody remembers this season due to what happened afterward.........which brings me to the next TUF on the list

#14-TUF 6 ww's

Winner: Mac Danzig Coaches: Matt Serra/Matt Hughes

Due to Matt Serra's stunning upset of GSP, terra fevuh was at an all time high and the UFC gave fans Hughes/Serra which was ultimately watchable due to the coaches very realistic hatred for each other and polar opposite personalities. The fights were not bad, which is another reason it stands a few notches higher than the former TUFS mentioned, but none of the fighters on the entire show went anywhere but the regional scene, I guess except a George Sotiropolis run and the eventual champ Danzig who swept the show easily but left his UFC career with a bad losing record. I think if this season had an elimination round to get into the house it would have garnered better talent.

#13-TUF 13 ww's

Winner: Tony Ferguson Coaches: Brock Lesner/JDS

Like the previous season, this could have also benefitted from an elimination round, which was weird cause this season happened when most seasons after TUF 6 did have an elimination round except TUF 10. The season was pretty much a bust, the coaches never fought and there weren't any heated moments, the reason I put it in this spot is because Tony Ferguson and Ramsey Njiem gave the fans some exciting fights and 6 finishes, not bad at all. The show had some interesting characters and I'm actually glad it showed what an a-hole Lesner is. JDS came across as a true sportsman and great coach in the end which is always refreshing.

#12-TUF 14 LW'S Coaches: GSP/Koscheck

Winner: Jonathan Brooking

What made this season likeable was GSP all the way, it was his first true coaching gig for TUF and he thoroughly outclassed Kos at every turn, bringing in world class coaches and advancing both his fighters to the finals. Michael Johnson and Bruce Leroy have had the best careers from the season, while humble champion brooking was thrown to the wolves and faded out rather quickly. The fights were not the best, especially since the elimination round was pretty awesome. Another factor that made the season decent was the fact there were some corf

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