Cat Zingano announces UFC comeback, willing to fight Cris Cyborg in mid-to-late summer return

The plot thickens!

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White said he wanted to see longtime featherweight Cristiane Justino make the 135-pound weight limit before he started handing over bantamweight title shots.

Simply speaking, she doesn't get to just walk into UFC and receive an immediate fight against reigning division queenpin Ronda Rousey. To that end, "Cyborg" can test her might at a lower weight class in Invicta FC, or perhaps find a way to get herself into the Octagon after finishing up her duties on the Muay Thai circuit.

If she can, Cat Zingano will be waiting.

"Alpha" would love to have first dibs on Rousey's strap, but above all else, is a fighter. That means she's willing to face the best competition the sport has to offer. If that requires her to dispose of Justino to earn her crack at the crown, then so be it.

From her appearance on Inside MMA:

"I think a fight against Cyborg would be fun... When the time comes, I'm going to be ready, absolutely. I feel strong, I feel like I'm gonna come out ready to fight. I know Ronda had said something about maybe fighting in the end of the summer and I think that sounds pretty good to me too."

Decisions, decisions.

Current women's bantamweight contender Alexis Davis is 3-0 inside the Octagon, tied with Rousey for the best record among women fighters since joining UFC in early 2013. That gives the promotion a little wiggle room when it comes to matchmaking, depending on how serious it is about signing Gina Carano Justino.

But first thing's first.

Zingano, who blew out her knee last summer and then suffered a terrible personal tragedy, still has to get clearance from her doctor this week to resume training. If and when she does, expect the women's division to heat up, with or without the rumored "huge announcement."

So ... Zingano vs. Cyborg. Who wants it?

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