GLORY 14 results: Remy Bonjasky defeats Mirko 'Cro Cop' Filipovic by majority decision, then booed in Zagreb

Remy Bonjasky rides off into the sunset after winning his last kickboxing fight at GLORY 14 by majority decision over hometown legend Mirko Filipovic inside Arena Zagreb in Croatia on Saturday. The decision, however, was booed vociferously by the Croatian fans.

ZAGBREB, Croatia: It was 'Cro Cop's' week and his town, but it was not his night. GLORY's newest heavyweight certainly looked like he did enough to earn the judges' favor over Remy Bonjasky on Saturday at Arena Zageb, and broadcast via tape delay on Spike TV, but the judges felt otherwise, awarding "The Flying Gentleman" the majority decision.

Filipovic wasn't able to land any of his trademark left high kicks, nor was Bonjasky able to score any of his patented flying knees. "The Flying Gentleman" also wasn't able to ignore the cascade of boos that rained down after the hometown crowd in Arena Zagreb heard the decision. Bonjasky -- who earlier in the week had announced this fight at GLORY 14 would be his last -- was visibly upset afterward. One of the sport's finest legends was surely not wanting to go out on a sour note like the one the raucous crowd was hitting.

"I’ve been in this fighting business for more than 20 years," Bonjasky told at the post-fight presser afterward, his eyes red from his emotions getting the better of him. "You want to end your career with a big win. I believe I won the fight, but some of the people in the crowd felt differently. I was disappointed with their reaction. I don’t take it personal. Even though when I was standing in the ring I was taking it personal, but they just want their home fighter to win and I can understand that."

"The people that are booing, they don’t know what a fighter has to do before he gets to a certain level and I’ve done a lot. I’ve done a lot for the sport. I’ve won three times in K-1, the World Grand Prix. I’ve fought so many fights, showed the crowd some spectacular techniques and I’ve done a lot. The people that are booing are probably sitting with a beer in one hand and the other hand a joint or cigarette. They don’t’ know what a fighter has to do to get to that level."

The hometown "Cro Cop" certainly knows what it takes; however, he was a no-show for the GLORY 14 post-fight activities. Bonjasky said he hadn't spoken to him since the fight's conclusion.

"We haven't spoke after the fight, so I guess later we will meet up and get something to drink and talk about the fight," Bonjasky said.

FIght Network fight promoter Orsat Zovko -- who also doubles as Filipovic's manager -- was asked about the Croatian's absence.

"He was very disappointed," Zovko said. "Mirko and the whole team thought that he won. I am sorry that he is not here."

Bonjasky ends his career as the No. 3 heavyweight in GLORY and finishes with 98-12 record. Even with the crowd's reaction leaving a bad taste in his mouth, the Netherlands' legend says Saturday's victory over "Cro Cop" is definitely his last time in the kickboxing ring.

"That was definitely my last fight," Bonjasky said. "I won't be back. I have had a good career. The most recent part of it may be bittersweet, being booed tonight, but I think now is a good time to draw a line under it and move on. I have my academy and my television work, so I'm very busy and I'm looking forward to the next chapter in my life."

For complete GLORY 14 results and live play-by-play click here.

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