walking dead finale



ok...that's the season done... they did mmmkay... i'm not actually gagging to see it in 6 months time...but like a knee jerk reaction i will no doubt watch what they are gonna do next... they left a million loose ends to pick up on and the possibilities are endless





so there is a prison flash back to hershel through out the episode... him trying to get rick to snuggle into the prison and start growing food and farming and showing carl how to do so as well...

they concentrate on rick and michonne and carl... making their way towards terminus.. got a rabbit snare lesson etc.. they hear a human yelling for help and let him become a tasty snack for the undead..then scurry away whilst having to slay a few...they bump into a vehicle to chill by and eat some bunny... then the bad guys find em and shit goes pear shape


oh snap.. daryl finally puts the pieces together that rick is the dude they have been searching for by walking upon his almost execution.. daryl does a song and dance to try save his prison pals but instead gets the boots cuz he was vouching for a lier.. so they are gonna beat daryl to death..then do the woman and then the boy and after kill rick... sounds like fun... but the whole thing blows ricks mind a little too hard and his brain fucking melts into goo.. while daryl is being beat.. rick does a fancy back head butt to the nuts of the leader.. (carl is squirming uselessly under the bearded bad guy) michonne busts a few moves.. but ultimately after taking a few licks rick seemed like his time was up but nope... time to chew some jugular dude... then go to the guy that was messing with your kid (cuz michonne shot the other dudes and daryl did some head squishing too) and give him a good ol fashion gutting and shanking with far too many stabs necessary.. all for carls viewing pleasure

after math... a guilty daryl explains his part with the bad guys and rick is like..dude..your my brother.. michonne is mothering carl.. they make their way to terminus.. but not before they fucking finally convince me to like the new and improved michonne damn it... she gives carl her story and how she had checked out and became a monster..and rick is a monster and by gosh, carl is a monster too... who'd a thought it would all be ok to be into fucked up shizzle in the apocalypse..yeah right

so terminus is in their view..they hide a cash of weapons and back door that muthafucka terminus.. they take some random folks by surprise and then go meat i mean meet the strange bird grilling up some flesh.. the cop in rick is still strong..he noted the riot gear on a person, the poncho and hershels watch that was glenn's...he busts a move on the nearest termite.. where did you get that watch..where did you get that watch...where are my friends.. and then commences the stupidest waste of bullets and herding the crew into random rooms like a cheesy horrorish movie..and after being corralled into a full trap after much ammunition spent.. they are told to enter a single train car... and wouldn't ya know.. it's the whole family in one lovely rectangle of metal... and rick says...they don't know who they are messing with... dun da daaaaaa...ok that's it

no carol and tyresse (and spawn)... no beth ... so many ways and things to happen...but honestly the next season will come and i won't be counting down the days or anything... meh.. onto the game of thrones bitches...giggidy



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