Why all of the HATE for WMMA?

I like WMMA and find that often, the ladies come to fight and throw down more than the guys do.

Now granted, from a technical perspective, the girls are a little more "raw" and skills usually deteriorate once faces start getting punched and it turns into a bit of a street fight but, that’s entertaining too!

In the end, we’re all fight fans and the ladies definitely fight. So, why all of the hate for the women?

Is it because they are less skilled than the men? Or is it just male chauvinism (some don’t like seeing girls get beat up, even by another girl)? There has to be a reason for the general negativity that I am not seeing.

Recipe for a good fight:

- Both people actually want to fight

- Lots of punching, kicking, grappling ect…

- Aggression by both parties

- A decent level of skill on display

- Scrambles

If you have all of the above ingredients, you’ll probably get a good scrap that was fun to watch for 15 minutes or less. Which is why most of us watch fights to begin with… have a little fun and appreciate the sport that we enjoy.

Hell, if I see two guys throwing hay-makers at each other in a parking lot, I’m gonna stop and watch, no doubt. I guess it’s because I’m a fight fan.

So, how about it… can someone breakdown for me why they do not enjoy watching WMMA?

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