ok I watched the episode last night... finally pulling the characters together before the finale next week.. it was a decent episode....sure there was some things that make me wanna facepalm..that's just how the show is now.. I wanna feed the useless glenn sidekick chick to the undead..but hey... sure they are giving michonne a squishy new make over (though I mourn the ice cold michonne) anyways.. random babbling about this epidode


ok I'm at work and I am just gonna bang this out crudely.. we have michonne and rick and carl on the tracks and rick is all business but michonne and carl are having a good time in the apocalypse despite themselves and walking the rails and sharing chocolate bars..

daryl is still with the merry band of brothers and he is learning slowly how to mesh with the "bad guys" ... he had to share his rabbit with the dick head that "claimed" his kill... he was gonna have to learn that trick quick cuz when they found a new place to crash for the night every one "claimed" the comfy vehicles and daryl got a sweet piece of concrete to sleep on..but not before the dickhead falsely claims he stole back his half of the dead bunny...but don't worry.the leader saw him plant the evidence and he gets some hard justice (a swift shit kicking) that leads to his untimely demise... in the morning daryl sees that his buddy was killed and he felt a lil bad (but why the fuck didn't he pull the arrow outta his head so he had another) on the tracks they go towards terminus..oh and Daryl's first "claim" was a freaking radish or something while he was walking along.. pfffft

we got the mullet crew working their way to terminus too..but they part ways at the questionable tunnel and the useless chick trips and injures her knee.. so it's glenn and the dumb bird going alone into the unknown...the mullet crew do the smart thing and go around the danger and find a van to drive and mullet scientist tricks em into going back to the tracks to wait for glenn and the lezzy he thinks is hawt

so in the tunnel of doom we are treated to a wall of rock and zombies...then on the other side of it seems to be a nice hoard of non trapped undead.. and there's glenn with like one clip of bullets and a useless broad in tow..they play the let's distract the zombies with a light show game and try sneak off to the side and OF COURSE THE STUPID TWAT GETS STUCK!!!

and just when I thought that maybe glenn and the bird would be snacks (but I KNEW that would not happen) we get the mullets and Maggie crew to blow the undead to bits and weeeee reunited and it feeeels so goooood... ugh..they are together again..let's all go to terminus and then warshington...

so mullet and Maggie crew DO make it to terminus..and there is unlocked gates and gardens and signs of non chaos..they have made it.. and are greeted by a single old chick who says go wash up and we'll serve you some food... you and I both know that this shit is too good to be true so expect shit to get really weird in the finale... rick is in trouble with the bad guys if they meet up with em.. the bad guys are coming to terminus and expect they will not be welcomed and there was foreshadowing of weirdness in there ya go.. I gotta get back to work and you guys can discuss amongst yourselves whether you like this episode or not...mmmmkay


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