MKL Round 3 results



to the results for season 4, round 3.

First off, what a fucking night for the underdogs! Out of 11 fights, 9 underdogs came through, 1 took it to a draw, and 1 lost. Good thing Diego Brandao didn't fight, because something tells me Will Chope woulda ripped his head off.

Event Winner

Aussie scored an unbelievably low average of 55.3 points per fighter. And guess what? It was enough to get him that 25. Have a look:


Oi! Oi! Oi!

Event Shitpicker

Snake Pliskan scored an average of 4.6 points per fighter for a whopping 23 points! This is 3rd degree blackbelt shitpicking. K-1 Level shitpicking. NCAA Division I All-American Shitpicking. Take a look:


A Shitpicking masterpeice!

Top 10 for round 3:

The moneypool commissioner, Joben (20 points), is putting in work this season, with another solid performance. Bons (16 points) surprised everyone (himself as well) for his first points of the season. LTM (2 points) also scored his first points of the season. They left the fields of shit to be picked by OC and donkeypunch (0 points each), who have yet to score a point after 3 rounds of action. Which is music to RGIII's (13 points) ears.


I'm guessing you know how the scoring system works by now (it's not rocket science), so I'm not gonna go through how many points each person got.

League standings:

Ninja isn't going anywhere....


One thing I noticed is, the guys who did well from last season are doing fucking terrible this season. The top is crowded by guys who didn't do too well last season or rookies. Speaking of the top, it's a tight race up there. And if you haven't played in this league before, you need to know that one event is all it takes to completely change the standings. Take this shit seriously!


UFC Fight Night 39: Big Nog vs Big Country Season event 4 of 10

Friday, April 11th, 2014
Event starts at 11:30 AM/8:30 AM ET/PT (Fight Pass)
Main Card starts at 2:00 PM/11:00 AM ET/PT (Fight Pass)
Abu Dhabi, UAE

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