MKL Season 3 finale results.



to season 3 finale recap. Well, that was a bit of a shit event to finish the season on, but we already knew that it would be. In fairness though, the actual end of the season was finished by an almighty spinning elbow knock-out, so that was cool. Anyway, lets get on with the results:

Event Winner


Averaging almost 76 points per fighter and actually getting zero points from one of those fighters, is not exactly what you expect to see from a winning event. But somehow, Phase has once again defied all sorts of logic and ends his monster season by winning yet another event. So, from 8 fights, he only required points from 4 fighters to punk the whole lot of us.

Have a look for yourselves:


Congrats, again!!!

Top 10 for round 8:

For the fourth time this season, Phase hits the top spot. Aussie continued his hot streak for second and Mega got some more decent points rounding up the top 3. Also. Jelly managed to score in every event of the season.




Well, when you finish in 1st place 4 times in the season, you cannot expect anything less than finishing as champion. Phase started as he ended the season, at the top. He showed serious consistency and was alway there or there abouts at the top. Results speak for themselves, and Phase can look forward to a nice little $140 pay check to add to the Moneypool prize money he scooped aswell. What a fuckin monster season for this determined mo-fo.

Phase man, congrats. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy. Well fuckin done Champ!!



Finishing just clear of Oilcheck for 2nd place, he was unlucky as last week he actually lead the league. But Phase was not to be denied. However, a $50 prize fund should soften the blow nicely.

Well played Trip, some good goin!!

Final League Standings

It was close at the top for the majority of the season, but in the end, Phase won it quite handily.

Trip, always gathered the loose points and stole 2nd place despite never winning an event.

Oilcheck started the season like train wreck, but just ran out of steam in the end. Unlucky bud, maybe next season.

Jelly unlucky not to do better considering he scored in every event.

Agar made a nice debut season finishing 5th, despite missing the last event.

Everyone else can have a look to see where you finished.

The top 2 last season made up the bottom this season. Go figure ffs.


Event winners:

  • Round 1: Phasebook and Oilcheck
  • Round 2: Oilcheck
  • Round 3: LetsTalkMMA
  • Round 4: Jelly_Belly and Agar
  • Round 5: Phasebook and Ninja
  • Round 6: Phasebook
  • Round 7: Oilcheck
  • Round 8: Aussie
  • Round 9: Agar
  • Round 10: Phasebook


Lads, if you have 2 accounts, or even fuckin 3, please make your picks with just one account ffs. Even if you made your picks with the wrong account, just leave it. I'll find out who you are an give the points to the respective player. Under no fuckin circumstances must you use 2 accounts, even if its just to make up for your mistake. 19 places for 19 players.

Once is bad enough, but fuckin twice....

Next Season

New Season! Event 1 of 10

Saturday, March 8th, 2014
London, England

Thank you.

Lads, I had a fuckin shit season, but loved it. You bunch are competitive fuckers and I hope you enjoyed the season as much as I did. I know some were frustrated and some were unlucky, but I hope to see you all again for the new season.

I understand some may wish to drop out and I'm cool with that, just let me know so I can open the spot for others who may wish to join.

For those who wish to continue, please let me know aswell and feel free to send $10 whenever you can.

Once again, thank you all for being a part of this and keep an eye out for the next events re-cap. I'll be attending the event live and hope to have some decent pics to share with you all.


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