Tyron Woodley: Joe Rogan's 'horrendous' commentary favored Carlos Condit at UFC 171


Despite the biggest win of his career, "The Chosen One" wasn't feeling the love in "The Lone Star State."

Joe Rogan is back in the hot seat.

A few days after having to explain himself to disgruntled fans over the push for Rory MacDonald, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) color commentator is once again coming under fire for his performance at the UFC 171 pay-per-view (PPV) event, which took place on March 15, 2014, in Dallas, Texas.

This time by Tyron Woodley.

That's because "The Chosen One" was irritated by Rogan's commentary during the "Hendricks vs. Lawler" co-main event (watch it). Woodley controlled the first half of his welterweight fight in the grappling -- as well as the striking -- but argues that his offense was overlooked to praise Carlos Condit's defense.

From his conversation with MMA Mental (via MMA Fighting):

"It's almost like they're punishing you for training hard. They're punishing you for being physically fit. I think Joe Rogan is horrendous for his commentary that he did for that fight. Everything was, 'Oh, Tyron threw a hard bomb but Carlos took it. He's got such a great chin. Oh, Tyron has a takedown. Look at Carlos. He's doing the mission impossible guard [mission control].' Everything that I did he was leaning it towards the credit of Carlos Condit. I think sometimes when you watch a fight and you listen to the commentary you can kind of veer the spectators, and hopefully not the UFC, in directions it shouldn't be going."

This is not a unique complaint.

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton Jackson slammed the "biased" stand-up comic for "playing the rusty trombone" for jiu-jitsu fighters. Rogan countered that critique by telling "Rampage" he was unable to "protect someone's feelings at the expense of analysis."

That's good news for Clint Hester.

The former Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 17 standout actually won his fight by overhearing Rogan's commentary (more on that here) and probably sent a fruit basket to the former Fear Factor host in the wake of his UFC 169 submission win over Andy Enz.

As for Woodley?

He got the all-important win (even if you think it's cheap) and moves on to bigger and better things. Perhaps a fight against the crowned "prince" of the welterweight division?

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