MKL Round 2 results.



to the results for season 4, round 2.

First off I'd like to apologize for any confusion that happened with 2 games being sent out. I take full responsibility for any fuck ups. I was late with the link. As you know, I'm not usually, but hey, I'm human. All Jelly was trying to do was help out. Thing is, I never recieved the link or noticed any email he sent. Had I done I would have just rolled with it. Saves me a job. And there were a couple of other email I never got notified about either. I have now recieved all said emails, including the one Jelly sent. So fuck knows what happened with my email last week.

Regardless. It's my responsibility, my fuck up, my faults and I hold my hands up for that. Sorry.

I have takin into account the scores from both games, despite what I said in the email I sent out.

Event Winner

Scoring a healthy average of 89.3 points per fighter, there no arguement on who the winner was here. VHW took maximum points here, like he said he would:

I'm owning all of your asses this weekend, i know it, i've seen the future, bank on woodley!

He wasn't wrong either.


Well done lad, great work !!

Top 10 for round 2:

Taking into account the top 10 from both games, I've posted the scores below.


MMA_Boss and Trip tied their score so share 5th and 6th for 9 points.

Agar and Mr G also tied for 8th and 9th so share the points for 3 each.

I've scored in one game from the last 12 games. Fuckin pathetic.

  1. VHW: 446.5 = 25 Points
  2. Snake: 439 = 20 Points
  3. Pable: 426 = 16 Points
  4. Ninja: 389 = 13 Points
  5. MMA_Boss: 379.5 = 9 Points
  6. Trip: 379.5 = 9 Points
  7. Aussie: 378.5 = 6 Points
  8. Agar: 378.5 = 3 Points
  9. Mr G Smith: 378.5 = 3 Points
  10. Jelly: 346 = 1 Point

League standings:




UFC Fight Night 38: Shogun vs Henderson II Season event 3 of 10

Sunday, March 23rd, 2014
Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil
I will send the link tomorrow night.
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