Woodley's Triangle Defense A Little Suspect?


via NikkiNeversleep (Click for GIF)

Anyone else notice this?

I am a Condit fan, but I have nothing but respect for Woodley. I was both happy and upset about this fight because I knew one of the guys I liked would likely get a title shot, but then again one of them would have to lose.

Just so happens Woodley got the W and my long time mancrush, Condit has to rework his way back to the top of the ladder, ontop of having a torn meniscus and possible torn ACL.

But then I see this!

You cannot imagine the sheer anger that came from this. I did nothing but praise Woodley after his win over Condit despite being heartbroken by Carlos' injury. Now I find out the win may have come due to CHEATING. What if Condit had caught him in that triangle attempt and finished the fight? We'll never know because Woodley held the trunks. I understand this is not the referee's fault, he was in no position to see the act but still.

I can't be the only one that thinks this, ontop of winning via injury, puts a stain on Woodley's title hopes no matter how much he's asking for a shot.


An angry Condit fangirl.

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