UFC 171: Epic wars don't take a toll on a 'warrior' like Diego Sanchez, they only make him better

Andrew Richardson-USA TODAY Spor

Diego Sanchez scoffs at the idea that the constant wars he finds himself in inside the Octagon are taking a toll on his health. If anything, they are only making a better fighter.

Known for putting on exciting fights inside the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Octagon time and time again, Diego Sanchez isn't looking to change his style anytime soon.

Even if some believe the "wars" he is constantly involved in have, or will, eventually ruin his health.

According to Sanchez, the rock-em, sock-em style fights he usually finds himself in don't take a toll on him. On the contrary, they make him a better fighter because it gives him much-needed experience and shows him just what type of warrior he really is.

He breaks it down to USA Today:

"Hell no, that shit don't take a toll on me, it makes me better. That's experience, that's being under the bright lights and that's learning to find who you are as a true warrior; learning to find that true warrior spirit within. And, it takes time, it takes many years, it takes many fights, it takes experience. You have to feel these feeling, these emotions, it's the spirit inside of fighter and the heart inside of a warrior. Sometimes you go through fights where you're more technical, sometimes you have to grind it. Sometimes you dominate and sometimes you have close fights. There are so many aspects in mixed martial arts, but in the wars with Gilbert Melendez, I believe we are two of the best lightweights in the world. UFC obviously agrees, because Gilbert is fight Anthony Pettis for the title, so I'm up there with him."

If wars -- such as the one Diego was involved in with Gilbert Melendez at UFC 166 last October (video) -- bring much-needed experience, then perhaps there is no one more seasoned in the mixed martial arts (MMA) game than Sanchez.

Indeed, Diego's resume is filled with one exciting fight after another as his thrilling battles against Jake Ellenberger, Clay Guida and Martin Kampmann, have made him a fan favorite. And as he heads into his fight against Miles Jury at UFC 171 this weekend (March 15, 2014) in Dallas, Texas, you can bet an aggressive Sanchez will likely turn it into another exciting affair.

While his fighting style is good enough to earn him  "Fight of the Night" bonuses,  it doesn't always earn him the victory.

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