My UFC London Fanpost!

My London Live Experience


Wednesday: Open Work outs.

As we were in the que to get in, UFC Hall of Famer and new Ambassador for the UFC, Forrest Griffin was posing some questions with us.


Can you spot the Maniac??



Face offs!

Manuwa and Gus. All business

Seery and Pickett. Fairly animated.

Gunni and Ruskie. Stone cold serious.

Johnson and Guillard. All jokes tbh. Guillard sayin they were goin for a cup of tea afterwards.


Gunni used his workout mostly showin body movement and stretches, head stands and the like. Michael Johnson was actually the only one to do some jiu-jitsu drills and Manuwa was the only fighter to be gasping for cups of water. Twice. Never a good sign in fairness.


Bumped into Forrest again..


Managed to nab a copy of the media notes on my way out:


Friday: Weigh-ins / Q&A / Meet n Greet

If you ever happen to be in London for an event in the o2 Arena, the coolest way to get there is by boat. Have a beer and take in the sights on your way.

Clockwise: The o2 Arena, Tower Bridge, The London Eye and Houses of Parliament (Big Ben), The Shard and HMS Belfast


The Q&A was for fight club members only, but we could hear all the question and answers anyway as we queued up for the meet and greet.

As for the weight in. Well, that was a fuck up. Complete and utter cluster fuck. Fight clubs fans get the seats, the rest stood behind barriers. I myself managed to get the worse spot in the house, behind the photographers ffs.


Bumped into Carly Baker on her birthday. Fit as fuck she is!


Forrest Griffin, Ross Pierson Joanne Calderwood were all signing autographs and posing for photos, but I met and had pics with them already. It was all about Conor McGregor for me. Although, now that I think of it, I'm kinda pissed I never got the autographed picture of Forrest.

Irish Legend!


Honestly, he did sign it lol.


Saturday: Main Event


Panoramic mid-tier view

This was the 2nd fight on the prelims. Place was fuckin packed. Where I am now was literally the only place with empty seats. These were not our seats btw. We just bounced around these as they filled up, which didn't take long..



View from the upper-tier. The seats in front were closed off, so it was lazy-boy style feet up ftw!!


Packed house in fairness.


Didn't take many action shots, cos ya know, I like to watch the fights.


Beer guys. Keepin these dudes busy all night!


EA Sports were promoting their new game. We were able to pose with a replica belt, which in turn you get a digital copy of which you can use as your own game cover.

New Light heavy weight champ:


From me and my friend



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