WALKING dead.......

i actually liked this episode..go figure..i mean, i still fast forwarded things like beth singing..but i honestly don't have too much to bitch about



i like the opening where d'angelo barksdale (i mean bob stinky) was just wandering aimlessly and just existing till he was stumbled upon by daryl and glenn...a prequel to how he joined

and poor daryl.. trying so hard to fight the demon of wanting to shag the little church girl only to have her snagged away by a mystery person in a funeral home car... it was an impressive bum rush of zombies that daryl had to battle and i found it touching he bothered to run down the road (wtf was that gonna help but hey, knock yourself out) he collapses in a heap by the rail way..

so yeah..the rail way...people are magically only noticing them now..


yeah..come to a place that sounds like terminate....


so we got rick and carl and michonne on the tracks...


this happy family that is gonna get real weird in the next episodes on the tracks...


fuck i couldn't find an image..but these peeps are on the tracks...

you get my point..they are all finding their own damn ways there... other than beth who has been mysteriously kidnapped..daryl, whom you thought was gonna get on the tracks till he meets up with the string of bad guys and makes friends hill billy style by punching the leader and having a kick ass bow....and glenn who magically finds it seemingly alone (where are his mullet and hot chick (not the loser sister one) crew at?!?) anyways..shit happened like beth getting caught in an animal trap when she was learning how to be a kick ass tracker..pfffft..and got a piggy back ride on daryls back and shit..just showing how hard a guy has to work for not even getting some shhhiiiiitttttt!! other details..but i am not actually doing a real freaking recap..come on

ok discuss this shizzle amongst yourselves...........



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