Former Bellator champ picks Jose Aldo to beat Anthony Pettis because 'Junior' hits 'a lot harder' than 'Showtime'

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

They say speed kills, but in this case, it may be power.

You won't find him on any of the UFC rankings, but former Bellator lightweight champion Michael Chandler knows a thing or two about lighting up the 155-pound division, putting on two instant classics (and hopefully a third) against longtime nemesis Eddie Alvarez.

But doing work under the Viacom banner hasn't kept him in the dark about what's been happening in ZUFFA.

In fact, Chandler has been keeping a close eye on the unfolding drama between UFC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis and reigning featherweight titleholder Jose Aldo. And he's already made up his mind as to who the better fighter is, based on one certain intangible.

From his conversation with MMA Fighting:

"Between the two guys, they're both really good strikers. I think Aldo just hits harder. I think he's got a better opportunity to knock people out more than Pettis. I think Pettis has more of that ... he's flashy and he's good, I think he can hit you from any angle, he mixes it up really well, but Aldo's strikes are a lot harder than Anthony Pettis, I think. I pick Aldo in that fight."

Aldo (24-1) has 14 wins by KO/TKO (58%), while Pettis (17-2) has seven (41%).

Naturally, the only way to know for sure is to have these two hook 'em up over the Fourth of July Weekend, which is when "Showtime" is expected to get back in action. While it seemed like a done deal not long after UFC 169, there has been the usual back-and-forth bickering over who's responsible for what.

Somebody needs to "man up."

Until then, all we can do is speculate, so it's time to find out who agrees with Chandler's assessment of each fighter's knockout power. It should probably be noted that in six Octagon appearances, the Brazilian has been to the scorecards four times.


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