A Case For "Pettis vs Aldo" To Be On FOX

The UFC is dying for a pay-per-view draw to emerge with their 2 top Superstars currently on hiatus for different reasons. Dana & company have continued to try to build the Lightweight champion on FOX with Ben Henderson but it didn't quite work out. They tried to build Anthony Pettis by making Pettis/Thomson but that fell through. I say they try it again.

People are going to say this NEEDS to be on ppv, but are either guys really big draws? Aldo/Zombie drew about 180k pay-per-view buys, & Pettis/Bendo only drew about 300k. Even IF they could get 500k buys, the short-term sacrifice of 100k buys or so would be worth the long-term benefit of a STAR being made. They have a lot of other champions to use for upcoming pay-per-views that won't draw much less, & I have laid out the blueprint.

UFC 173 (May 24th, 2014):

-Chris Weidman vs Vitor Belfort

-Chael Sonnen vs Wanerlei Silva

UFC 174 (June 14th, 2014):

-Chad Mendes vs Cub Swanson (Featherweight Title)

-Junior Dos Santos vs Alistair Overeem

-Josh Barnett vs Stipe Miocic

UFC 175 (July 5th, 2014):

-Renan Barao vs Dominick Cruz (Gives Cruz 2 months more to get healthy & a 13 week camp)

-Frankie Edgar vs BJ Penn 3

-Mark Hunt vs Roy Nelson/Big Nog winner

UFC on FOX 12 (July 26th, 2014):

-Anthony Pettis vs Jose Aldo

UFC 176 (August 2nd, 2014):

-Ronda Rousey vs Cat Zingano (5 & 1/2 months removed from UFC 170)

UFC 177 (August 30th, 2014):

-Welterweight Title Fight (Condit/Lawler perhaps?)

UFC 178 (September 27th, 2014):

-Jon Jones vs Alexander Gustafsson 2 (Or whatever Light-Heavyweight title fight is appropriate at the time)

*This still leaves Demetrious Johnson to defend his title on a Fight Night in the summer.

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