Angry Potato Rant: Do People Like the UFC?



What draws you to Mixed Martial Arts?

For me, it's the whole concept that interests me, it's like a game of chess in the Octagon. Let's take the upcoming matchup Gerard Mousasi vs Lyoto Machida coming up. How can you not be pumped for this fight!?

Machida is so technical, with a counter-based game plan and insanely good striking technique. He has at least two of the greatest knockouts I've ever seen in his fights with Randy Couture and Ryan Bader. To me he's a master fighter, and possibly top-10 All-time.

Gerard Mousasi on the other hand might be one of the best strikers to enter MMA, a Dutch kickboxer with a black belt in Judo. I've been critical of his takedown defense in the past, but that element likely won't come into play in this bout. This is going to be a very technical patient fight, and with five rounds it'll be interesting to see how the two pace themselves.

This is why I'm into MMA, this fight eight here is just one of the many reasons why I love this sport, and more specifically the product the UFC delivers. I think they're the best promoters, matchmakers, and production companies in all of sports.

Last week, UFC 169 was met with heavy criticism, and I'm still not sure why exactly. Okay, the preliminary bouts sucked, really badly, but from the paid portion on the card delivered for me. I was overall happy with the card I purchased.

I believe the card started out with a 125 pound eliminator between Ali Baugintinov and John Liniker. Winner of this most likely will take on Mighty Mouse in a couple months. Now on Mania, this fight was titled as "dull."

To me, this was an excellent fight, and really showed Ali is a legitimate contender. Liniker has huge power for Flyweight, and although Ali took him down a lot he also traded with him and showed he could eat some big shots. I really look forward to Ali getting the title shot sometime in the future, I'm curious to see what he has for Johnson and what kind of game plan he can come up with.

Also shut the fuck up about Liniker at 135! He's 5'3 and heavily undersized for guys like Dillshaw, Faber, MacDonald, and Barao. He'll straighten his issues out, according to our own P.L.S his problem is more mental than physical. Get him a sports psychologist and get him a fight with Jon Dodson.

The next fight on the card was Jamie Varner vs Abel Trujillo! I really have nothing to say for this besides Bang-fest!

Alistair Overreem vs Frank Mir was an example of bad matchmaking in my opinion. Overall I enjoyed Reem outclassing Mir in all areas of battle, but I was really impressed at how well he prepared cardio-wise. Reem blew his last 2 fights because of his IQ and his cardio, and he comes into this fight and shows 2 things, Cardio and IQ!

So what happens, he gets blasted for having a "shitty night" while out-striking Mir 62-3 as well as showing his ability and fearlessness to take Mir to the ground. Intriguing fight in my opinion.

Much like my respect for Machida, I share the same feeling in regards to Jose Aldo. Aldo is a mutant, ridiculously talented, well-rounded, just an absolute killer. I am always pumped to watch the guy perform, while this wasn't his greatest performance, it was so obvious he was levels above Lamas in all aspects of MMA.

He even took him down 2 or 3 times which I didn't not expect to see. Again he lost his luster in the 5th, but he dominated the entire fight and was really in cruise control from that point on. I guess people want the killer Aldo from the WEC, but this Aldo is much more relaxed and composed. He reminds me of Anderson, if the opportunities there he'll strike, but if it's not he's gonna make the fight his fight until that opportunity opens.

Renan vs Faber... yeah I was upset, but overall people are going to forget that Barao was a bat out of the cave knocking around a longtime veteran like Faber, that shits insane. I gave Dana shit for saying he's a #1 P4P type fighter, but this kid is special. Bout time we start realizing it, he's cleared 135, I don't know what he could do from here? Maybe 145? I have no clue, maybe he'll smack around Dillshaw or something.

Dumb idea? How about Mighty Mouse vs Barao in a champion vs champion fight in the future?

Overall wasn't the greatest card, but I'm seeing negativity all over the place, and the shits just unjust!

-On this card alone we 2 of the top 4 P4p stars in the sport do their things
-A Flyweight title eliminator
-Ex UFC HW champ vs Ex SF HW champ
-Early fight of the Year contender

So I ask for all you negative nancys out there, what's really up?

I keep hearing the UFC is watered down, how?

Last five events:
UFC 169: Barao and Aldo defend titles
UFC 168: Silva vs Weidman, Rousey vs Tate title fights
UFC 167: GSP vs Hendricks
UFC 166: Cain vs JDS III
UFC 165: Jon Jones vs Gustafson, Barao vs Wineland

3/5 PPV's have had 2 title fights

You wanna see watered down?

UFC 127: Penn vs Fitch
UFC 130: Rampage vs Hammil
UFC 131: JDS vs Carwin
UFC 132: Cruz vs Faber: Great card
UFC 133: Rashid vs Tito

That's watered down ha ha, that was such a bad time for MMA. MMA at the moment is in way better shape than then, I think it's better than ever right now, we're seeing great fights. Even coming up, UFC 170 which will get a ton of wah girls I'm not buying blah blah, it's a fantastic card and really interesting main event. 3 Olympians on the card, Rory vs Maia technical battle, as well as the Dagestanian freak Rustam Khabilov.

I don't know, seems like a lot of bitching going on in MMA right not, and not even about the fights.

Bloody Elbow has articles up on some sex offender who attended the fights, Dana White saying pussification, and how Joe Rogan shouldn't of said retard...wonderful, they clearly have no agenda

A lot of bitches worried about Ariel Helwani's job status... who gives a fuck. They replaced him with a semi-hot chick, get over it

And fuck this cunt FrontrowBrian. Followed him on twitter by accident, total cunt

That's all, end of rant...

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