UFC 170 PPV: 300-400K + future PPV Outlook

According to MMA Supremacy, UFC 170 has sold at a buyrate of somewhere between 300K and 400K. UFC 169 has been reported by the same source in the low 200's.

It's a pretty solid number, I expected it to be in the low 200's, but Ronda's name-value really saved the UFC for a pretty crappy undercard. I expect Ronda to fight next in Summer, I'd think they'd target her for July 5th, if you read below I kind of outlined potential matchups.

Although the live gate disappointed, attendance was still at 87% capacity for Mandalay Bay.

Last 5 PPV's:

UFC 170: 350,000
UFC 169: 200,000
UFC 168: 1,100,000
UFC 167: 670,000
UFC 166: 330,000

Currently, the UFC has 3 PPV cards set for Spring, but spring is a loaded month for PPV in Boxing as well. So we could numbers dipping could be a distinct possibility.

UFC 171: Lawler vs Hendricks:
UFC 172: Jones vs Teixeira:
UFC 173: Weidman vs Belfort:

All 3 of these events are going against major Boxing events within weeks, which could be a pretty big problem as it was for the Fall of 2013.

UFC 171 is going a week after Canelo vs Angulo's Golden Boy Promotions PPV. This shouldn't be an issue as this card is targeted towards the Latin American market and likely wouldn't combat UFC 171 in a big way. I still project UFC 171 to do 250-300,000. It's a great card, but it's also a niche card.

UFC 172 and UFC 173 are going to be the tough one. UFC 172 is going a week after Pacquiao vs Bradley 2, a PPV that's expected to reach 700,000. This could be a major blow to 172's numbers. Also Mayweather vs Maidana is just 2 weeks after.

UFC 173 is going 3 weeks after Mayweather vs Maidana, which projected at around 850K to 1.2 million. Regardless 500,000 and a 5 million dollar gate is still in reach for the UFC.


Summer has 3 or 4 PPV's setup.

UFC 174: June 14th
UFC 175: July 5th
UFC 176: July/August
UFC 177: August/Early September

As far as competition goes, UFC 174 has the toughest task in going a week after Miguel Cotto vs Sergio Martinez. Also another tough thing to dictate is who is going to headline the 174 card.

*Cain Velasquez is injured
*Jon Jones just fought 2 months ago
*Weidman just fought a month ago
*Pettis is out till Fall
*Rousey is unlikely
*Anderson and GSP are likely out till Winter

This leads me to believe they're hoping for the new Welterweight champion to defend the title against Carlos Condit as well as Barao vs Cruz with Rory vs Matt Brown on the undercard.

UFC 175 is set for July, BJ Penn vs Frankie Edgar is all but confirmed for the card, I think you see Rousey defend the title here. I also expect this card to be the return of Nick Diaz.

Should be interesting to see what they do in the Summer, because PPV in the Fall is stacked.

-Cain vs Werdum
-Aldo vs Melendez
-Jones vs Cormier
-Possible Anderson/GSP returns
-Rousey vs TBA (To be armbarred)
-Weidman vs Machida

Sounds like an awesome year for MMA, but interestingly Boxing is targeting at least 8 PPV's this year, which is double their norm average of 4

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